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The "theory of evolution" and "natural selection" goes hand in hand. According to Charles Darwin and his theory of Evolution, new species are developed by natural selection of random variations in order to fit changing environments. This theory has troubled and excited scientists for a long time now and continues to do so. The idea of "survival of the fittest", which means that the stronger species takes over the space of a weaker species and in that process the weaker species dies out, is a scary one.

Evolution and its story have put a lot of minds to work but has it also instilled in our subconscious a strong sense of competition? Have we, humans, started taking the competition too seriously? Are we trying to take natural selection in our own hands? Are we trying to ensure our "survival" by eliminating other species? These are the questions that we as humans should consider very seriously instead of taking the debate to our source and purpose of creation. We have to make sure that in this competition we don't self-destruct too.

Many evolutionists even though discard the idea of new species evolving still cling to the theory of evolution and natural selection. Kenneth Hsu, a scientist says, "The law of natural selection is not, I will maintain science. It is an ideology, and a wicked one, and it has much interfered with our ability to perceive the history of life with clarity as it has interfered with our ability to see one another with tolerance... The law of the survival of the fittest may be, therefore, a tautology in which fitness is defined by the fact of survival, not by independent criteria that would form the basis for prediction." This is what is so troubling about the theory of evolution and the way humans have started dealing with it.

Religion and Evolution are certainly no more different in the reactions they have incited from humans. Religion has been the point of controversy for ages now and has had people fight many wars in the name of "God". And the same is happening now except we are fighting with other species without realizing that we are. According to me, Religion and natural selection are the source for the same violence and controversy and the only difference is that humans haven't still acknowledged the war between us and the other species. Humans have and are still trying their best to keep themselves unaware of the intense struggle that is taking place humans and all the other species. Natural selection was something that the species weren't aware of but now that humans are aware of it we are trying to outdo it by taking it into our own hands and beating it.

I have quoted Kenneth Hsu above saying that this evolution theory is a wicked one and even though I don't agree with that I do agree with the fact that we have interpreted it in a wicked way. I think that all the destruction of the environment and the extinction of species has taken place because of us has an underlying motive. One reason for this mad race for technological advance is that we want to be more comfortable in this world but another reason is that we want to be stronger than other species so that we control their existence if not ours. Even the manipulation of nuclear elements by countries is another way of ensuring their "survival". This competition has gotten so intense that we are now ready to even kill our own kind since each kind wants to prove that they are best and don't want to die out. When the competition gets out of hand we will cause total destruction of all the species including our own. This is what humans have interpreted of the "survival of the fittest".

As stated before Darwin said that evolution meant the formation of "new species" also but this has gone wrong since the scientists have found that now no new species are being formed. The scientists have observed the irregularity in the rate of formation of new species versus the rate of extinction of new species. Another scientist Norman Myers says that, "Today's rate (of extinction) can be estimated through various analytical techniques to be a minimum of 1000, and possibly several thousand species per year.... It normally takes tens of thousands of years for a new terrestrial vertebrate or a new plant species to emerge fully, and even species with rapid turnover rates, notably insects, usually require centuries, if not millennia to generate a new species." This means that if there is evolution it is certainly going in the wrong direction. This wrong direction that evolution has taken could be the result of human interference and need to take control. We are trying to deny evolution its rights by violating all its terms and conditions. We have destroyed natural habitats and caused extinction of many species. We have also messed with the climate and caused many species to die out. We are the cause of this anomaly and now we have gone too far. We are posing a threat to our own kind. This makes us question evolution because it has blown the human moral code to pieces. We are taking it as seriously as religion and yet the consequences are so different for both.

All these things make me think about how harmful evolution as a system of belief has been for the world in general. We do not even realize how much harm our interpretation has caused and is continuing to cause to everyone. Many evolutionists do not realize this as is said, "...We were victims of a cruel ideology that assumes that competition among individuals, classes, nations or races is the natural condition of life, and that it is also natural for the superior to dispossess the inferior. For the last century and more this ideology has been thought to be a natural law of science, the mechanism of evolution which was formulated most powerfully by Charles Darwin in 1859..."

The theory of evolution has provided for humans the perfect cover for their actions and has instigated and increased this race for survival to a level nearing total destruction and obliteration. But there is one question that we all must ask ourselves and that is with everything destroyed- who will come out the winner?



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“Consider Gamov's drunkard’s random walk - he gets nowhere. Even the blind solar photon takes a million years to travel 640,000 km to freedom! Why should a random universe, despite 13½ Billion years of rolling its dice, end up with my being able to communicate these conscious thoughts to you? Could the dice be loaded? Unbelievers do not acknowledge a spiritual dimension to our universe so they comfort themselves with nothing more than cold physics. It is sad that fervent faithful believers and scoffing scientists do not acknowledge that both see God’s Creation through different filters – there is room for all knowledge.” Believing Scientist.

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evolution is a wicked theory?

Is it actually evolution that is "wicked" or is it that "we have interpeted it in a wicked way"? The wish to dominate things other than what we identify with long predates Darwin, so maybe the issue isn't evolution at all but something else? Or maybe we need to learn more about evolution so as to require us to come up with different interpretations? Maybe evolution instead of being "the perfect cover for ... a race for survival to a level nearing total destruction" could be an antidote to it?