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VeriChip: Helpful Tracking Device or too "Big Brother"?

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Biology 103
2002 Second Paper
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VeriChip: Helpful Tracking Device or too "Big Brother"?

Diana DiMuro

You've heard about it, the possibility of implanting a microchip into a human body as a tracking device, but is this really just limited to science fiction? Sound too much like George Orwell? Not anymore. Using a Global Positioning System in the means of products like VeriChip may help save missing children or the elderly but is it a violation of privacy? Do the positives of such products justify the negatives of its use? By examining the uses of products such as VeriChip I hope to gain a better understanding of its intended use and the benefits it will provide, while taking into consideration the possible negative outcomes of its widespread use. Will such products provide safety and security at too great a cost? Are such products against one's constitutional rights no matter how good the intentions of its creators?

What is it?

Applied Digital Solutions, a Florida-based company, has been in the testing and production stages of microchip products called VeriChip and Digital Angel. VeriChip is a miniaturized, implantable identification device, with the potential to be used for security, financial, health, identification or other reasons. An encapsulated microchip the size of a grain of rice that contains a unique verification number. The microchip is energized and activated when passed by a specific VeriChip scanner. Previously, the chip used radio frequency to energize and transmit a signal of the verification number. (1) More recent tests have developed a chip that will use satellites to transmit signals globally. The newer product, Digital Angel, proposes to integrate wireless Internet technology with global positioning to transmit information directly to the Internet. The microchip is inserted under the fleshy part of the skin, typically under the upper arm. The chip and inserter are pre-assembled and sterilized for safety, and reportedly have little discomfort to administer. Once implanted, the microchip is virtually undetectable and indestructible. It has a special polyethylene sheath that helps skin bond to it to help keep it in place. The chip has no battery and thus no chemicals, and its expected life is up to twenty years. Contact with the body will enable the device to read body temperature, pulse, and even blood sugar content. (2) Research is being done to produce a micro battery that will generate energy through heat or movement. Currently, Global VeriChip Subscription is $9.95 a month as a form of universal identification. The information can be kept up-to-date by using the Applied Digital Solutions' website or calling a secure support center. (2) Currently some products are being manufactured by Applied Digital Solutions or other companies, that are not implants but worn in the form of wristwatches or badges. (3)

Uses and Benefits?

Some people have already begun using VeriChip as a means of providing identification and personal medical information. Through the use of such a microchip, medical records could be saved and carried with at-risk patients for emergency response. Such products would help track down abducted children or lost adults with Alzheimer's disease. Microchips would also help find lost pets or keep track of endangered wildlife, as well as find lost or stolen property. (3) VeriChip could also be used as a means for security. Heightened airport security, authorization for access to government buildings, laboratories, correctional facilities and the like. After September 11th, many feel a personal identification record would be beneficial in the probability of another terrorist attack. (4) Using VeriChip could also help track convicted criminal or possible terrorists from future attacks. Not only limited to health and security issues, the future of VeriChip and Digital Angel could lead to implantable mobile phones, and access to information found on personal computers and the Internet, such as email. (8)

Problems and Risk?

VeriChip and the future Digital Angel still need approval from federal health regulatory agencies to make sure there are no adverse effects to its wearer; however, there is already much controversy about its use. The biggest concern about the use of VeriChip and other similar microchip tracking devices is an invasion of privacy of the user. People fear the risk of third parties who would gain information on the Internet through resale or hacking. Groups like telemarketing companies could use such information for advertising. (3) Many have posed the possibility that if you were able to track down your own child through the use of a microchip, what would prevent other people from doing the same? How many false alarms would the police have to deal with from over-protective parents who thought their children were missing? (7) Parents may deem VeriChip's use in the best interest of their children but it may eventually lead to even more intense invasions of privacy, creating a society of parents who constantly survey their children. Despite the possibility of more easily tracking down abducted children, kidnappers and molesters alike could potentially disable or remove such microchips. (6) The idea that VeriChip will increase security and prevent such terrorist attacks, as September 11th is a difficult ethical question to pose. Would all prisoners on parole be forced to use VeriChip? How would you implant criminals and terrorists? If the government began implanting United States citizens with microchips that held their social security numbers what would happen to tourists, students, or even foreign dignitaries? (7) Currently, the microchips used and in production are passive chips, dormant until activated by a scanner. Future chips like Digital Angel will be active chips, beaming out information all the time. This leads to the problem of creating a continuous power source, as well as developing a chip that is small enough, yet still sensitive enough to receive signals form satellites thousands of miles out in space. (4) With the possibility of implantable mobile phones and personal computers comes the possibility of contracting viruses. (8) The risks of such possibilities are currently unknown; therefore possible solutions do not even exist. Most people fear an invasion of privacy as the greatest fault of implanting microchips. A recent CNN poll said that 76% of Americans said they would not want a devise like VeriChip implanted on their children, while 24% suggested they would. (3)

While companies like Applied Digital Solutions have good intentions I feel that at this stage in development there are still many ethical questions that will prevent the widespread use of products like VeriChip and Digital Angel. Although saving children and the elderly from kidnapping and sickness are admirable causes, the encroachment of privacy by such devices makes me feel that the negatives greatly outweigh its positive intentions. I feel the devices, which may start out favorably, have a lot of potential to be corrupted by outside parties, criminals, or yes, even over-protective parents. I think the widespread use of implantable microchips for security use would be extremely beneficial but could also lead to higher and newer forms of prejudice against people who do or do not use them. I feel many Americans would be strongly opposed to the possibility of the government having full knowledge of their whereabouts at all times. The use of VeriChip would be extremely useful in hospitals but how long would it take before hospitals would invest money in specific scanners for widespread use? Currently VeriChip costs $9.95 a month for standard identification purposes, but with increased technology, would its price go up or down? Would people who decide they do not want VeriChip, or better yet, cannot afford it, be prejudiced against by people or companies that do use such technology? What about the possible viruses or effects that might be caused by microchip use? Would such products affect your body? Your thinking? While I feel there are certainly many Americans who would condone the use of VeriChip and similar products, I feel for the time being that I'd rather take my chances with safety for a little more freedom.

Additional Information:

1), VeriChip Corporation website, part of Applied Digital Solutions.

2), VeriChip Frequently Asked Questions.

3), States News Service article by Alex Canizares on website.

4), article by Paul Eng on ABC News website.

5), article by Jane Wakefield on BBC News website.

6), Can Parents Love too Much? by Dan Gillmor on Future Company website.

7), opinion piece by Bob Saar on The Hawk Eye Newspaper website.

8), Voices in your Head? Check that chip in your Arm by Matt Richtel New York Times Online.

9), Bio-Chip Technology in the News (Links to other articles).



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10/03/2005, from a Reader on the Web

I realize that these tracking devices mentioned are for humans, but what about pets. I recently had a scare and thought I lost mine animal, cat, and I have saw specials ran on television about tracking devices being placed underneathe the animals' skin. Is these, the ones mentioned in your article, also for animals? If so, I would appreciate more information on possibility getting this done for my animals. Thanks...

12/07/2005, from a Reader on the Web

It would be nice to use this for property also, example: guns, computers, electronics or anything that might be stolen. The only problem I see is the 9.95 each for an item. Could you get 25 chips at a reduced rate and would this be feasible for stolen property?


Comments made prior to 2007
I have been reading, with great interest, about verichip and digital angel and would like to know what further developments have been made. I am very interested in the tracking device for use on my dogs. Dog theft is on the increase in this country and whilst my dogs are all microchipped for identification purposes this is of no use if they are stolen. An implanted tracing device would be wonderful ... Sheenagh Hay, 14 May 2006



With the thought of the Avian flu being the next panedemic, I could see where this tracking device could save lives. For some entity ,such as the CDC, to be able to pin point carriers of deadly disease and stop the disease's migration to others would be a huge benefit to the masses. It is not comfortable the thought of someone knowing all, but neither is the the unknowing direction and non-containment of an epidemic of disasterious proportions that could kill you and/or your loved ones. Most of us live complacent lifestyles anyway, not spies or drug dealers or terriorist activities. For the vast majority this could be a benefit. The question is how much "privacy" are we willing to sacrifice for it's benefit. As for the "privacy" issue, I dare say that most of our personnal information is already availible on the internet and for the rest of that information I am sure that if an entity wanted to find it out , they could in a snap. Most of us, I feel, have nothing to hide by wearing one. It is the ones who object that I might look a little closer at. They may not be terrorist but what else are they hiding? Maybe a diviance of some secrecy that will not come out except as a child make adulthood and confronts their haunting past? ... Brenda Wright, 19 May 2006



Can this be used for pets? ... Katherine Farless, 18 October 2006



I was wondering abought puting these in dogs? If so I would be very interested! ... Ross Woods, 5 December 2006



I am looking for a small device that can be used in helping find lost or stolen chidren. Can a V-chip be purchased and does it come with software to use it or how does it work if not implanted in the skin? Thank you for your assistance ... Cindy, 1 January 2007



I did research on the company it does not do GPS just give medical info etc ... Donald, 13 January 2007



I think that installing a microchip into my children gives me the peace on mind that should my child go missing, I will know his/her whereabouts immediately instead of waiting to fill a missing persons report within 24-48 hours. I do understand the concerns that the majority of Americans have with the government knowing there whereabout, but this should only apply to children between the ages of 0-16 years ... Nancy Pillai, 8 May 2007



Sorry but this is just wrong.... the world should never have to come down to this. God never intended for this to happen, and if you are a Christian you should agree with that ... Reader on the web, 5 November 2007


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Injection of suspected device in assault 4 years ago; begs HELP

I was a STG-3 BREAST CANCER patient presenting for 2nd mastectomy and 1st stage recon in Gainesville in 2010; stage 3 dx in 2007 and much chemoradiation. The anesthesiologist in whose care I was placed following 4-1/2 hour surgery re-anesthetized me in recovery room; I was naked under gown but for catheter. No SCD's and no socks on arrival in RR. I was wide awake until Anes. MD reached for IV. I was awakened by a jolting stab-like injection to my soft tissue calf, saw same Anes. MD at my leg, could not hold eyes open. Next, 3 long slow injections, smaller needle into phalanges of dorsum of left foot. Totally infected by what I now believe was a contaminated syringe, about 3 weeks later. My leg had a large-bore-cannula needle wound where I had felt the jolting assault to my leg. I'm 24-years Med. Transcriber of highest difficulty level operative reports and I have years working (also phlebotomist when young).
I have had an unrelenting stalking problem where markers are placed on my car in purposeful ways, of botanical specimens (I'm a classical-train plant taxonomy botanist), leaves of trees. My hair is unusual blonde (almost 60 and 'blond-redhead' says skin doctor). The leaves most often used are yellow grape leaves placed on my car after I walk away in pubic places; but any and especially uncommon species, usually a pair, placed so that I will know it is not coincidence and I'm being stalked by Social Media, who have use of the device connected to my leg. I've had x-ray, ultrasound, yesterday finally CT-scan of my leg where I was injected, and though the sonographers find the device - even in 20 seconds - that fast?; it is not captured on digital images. Is there a foolproof study aside from begging for left lower leg exploration by general surgeon and even that could be missed, -- is there a foolproof study or film that shows what the ultrasound techs are able to see on their screen, that would give me a proven study? I'M LITERALLY BEGGING FOR HELP -- SO TIRED. MY HUSBAND SEES ALL OF THIS TOO, AND WE ARE AT A TERRIBLE IMPASSE TO RESOLVE. MY STALK INCIDENTS RECENT ARE: 9/14 (reported to police), 9/18, 10/3, 10/12/14 -- so very much active, and I beg somebody to solve this. 100s of stalk photos by now in my possession.

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Device implanted in stomach area

I had contact with someone that was highly trained and inserted a device inside of me during intercourse. This should be illegal.
I can feel it inside of me. I am going to DR. I didnt know what to do. I believe it was from the military.

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most people do not want to be tracked

Tracking device could help people track their equipment as car, computer and so on, also included pet, child, there is car GPS tracker, pet tracker, other tracking device [example on] but most people do not want to be tracked by other people if they are not allowed to do so.

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Between the world is coming to an end, I've been secretly injected with one of these and I'm being tracked (but I am just a normal person???), the bible warned us!, it's all part of the conspiracy!, and on and on, I am more afraid of the people in this world than a chip that might help find children or older adults who have serious problems or teenagers who go out when they shouldn't and need to be located. Get real people! If you are having trouble with that much paranoia, I really do feel for you and I understand! There is no need to be defensive about it - it is a very common problem for so many reasons. Think about it hard. Instead of constantly defending yourself for a change, which I know gets really old, try going and talking to someone and attempt, just attempt some medication. If you are NOT paranoid it will NOT change ANYTHING. You will still feel the same. But if you are, than you will realize it! If you don't believe me - ask a professional.

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I am here to say I will NOT accept the verichip under any circumstances, and I would gladly die than to have it forced upon me. It don't matter to me if people ask what I'm trying to hide, when my own question is.. What are they trying to find out by completely ignoring my Constitutional Rights? I repeat.. I will NEVER accept the verichip as long as I live! It is a tool of the satanic forces that control this world, and I shall have no part of it! NOT EVER!!!

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just think If little Kayle would have had one in her , her granpa being a cop and all could have saved that little girl , But I have been wanting to tell the world this for a long time ,Why did they after one day make her bring that baby to them , if My daughter didn't let me see my grandson or daughter everyday , I would have rung her neck .they was more that her parents are still not telling I hate to say such a thing , But I think they new she killed that baby and they didn't want to lose her to ,

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Verichip, the secure feeling..

I do not understand the panic.. these tracking chips should be mandatory with each newborn child as normal as their regular inoculations... and remain there until the child reaches the age of 18 at which time they can decide to keep it or have it removed..

Why? Because these times are cruel and harsh, kids get taken, molested, hurt and murdered.. if your kid disappears the police won't do anything for 24 hours.. I don't have to tell you what all can go wrong in 24 hours!

So when the police is going to wait, Ill just go track down My child but I would advice the police to follow Me or tag along because when I reach wherever My child is at, whoever has them, is going to be a hurting son of a **

I feel we are obligated to ensure the best possible safety for children, and I will not hesitate to have My kids "chipped" because not doing so.. means I would not care enough for their safety...


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shot / injection by this chip

as it is in medicine, for every dote there is an antidote. / in my lastest efforts made to make an attempe to have this thing removed from my left lower part of my leg. Under "veri-chip", it stated this thing being "Encrypted", but can be removed by Laser Surgery. That didn't make much sense to me......./ if this can be "removed" by laser Surgery, @ some point / unless, if it is undectable, (encrypted) or just let them know the area / laser - it up n down ? I was walk, and shot n my leg. When i went in the Emergency-room to have x-rays. before i saw the Dr, the nurse brought mre 2 Percacettes (pain-pills) and a Boot for my leg..... i ask what's this for ?.......In the Dr. reports / n M.R.I.'s n Catscan......The shot injection shattered my ankle in parts and made Fracture to my ankle "without pain"......for now i use a Magnet, to try to Demagnitize this thing.....i feel the movement of thing in my leg......Reason(s)...very large Legal justify their actions.....Says..that m a threat to pulic safety......The Real Threat is them.......Hiding behind walls, making these attacks, threats upon ones life.....This local State Gov't........

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Hey is there any way to tell how we know that you do have this chip implanted in you? I think that I may have one put in me as well from the sheriff from a siezure?


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I think these are a goid

I think these are a goid thing for small children cause what if they were to get kidnapped and they were two they wouldn't know anyobes number they would just be stuck. but also I feel like if the child wants it out when they reach a sertain age its their decision if they want it or not.

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Hi,i am a victim to this chip,and i feel so un secure,iv'e being watch over all i do in and out,its just unfair to all of us ,privacy in every thing we do,its a shame if this is all that of peoples money do to people like me ,us.its evil and sad,what their doing ,but in GOD EYES, nothing is hinden from him.I wish they could get these people.....but 9ne day they will pay for their PRICE,I know i've, am been set FREE BY THE NAME OF JESUS.Take care and GOD BLESS......Who is a VICTIM of this unfaithful idea..............sunhinewestside.see ya,take care all...(GLY)

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Edgar's picture


need more inf where to get this verichip in the us

Ida's picture


The reason why I know this is because ALL of you do know it is placed inside me!!!! It was placed inside me illegally and I am going to take all persons to court!!!! To the person who was called paranoid....TRUST ME... YOU ARE NOT!!!!! Take it from someone with experience.I believe this device is in my two kids as well!!! I WANT IT TAKEN OUT FROM ALL THREE OF US!!!!! Tell's your proof!!!!!!!!

Fonze Knight's picture


sad but true same here planted in the military. stay in the Holy Spirit is all I can say stay with the Creator in prayer. REVOLUTION will come.

chaz austin's picture


I think that I have been chipped with this without my knowing if so I will take legal advice on how to go about this

Serendip Visitor jemma's picture


Hi can u tell me who implanted these. My partner is chipped and thinks my kids r too. We did not consent either.

Serendip Visitor's picture

Yes, I too was secretly

Yes, I too was secretly injected with an RFID. People even my own family an friends know about it an some even make fun of me like I don't know whats going on. Then I try an explain it but they just think I'm losing it or something. The worst thing is being in public but people need to get over it!! Every time I swallow my ears tingle or even pop sometimes. In WIFI hotspots its even more intense in the ears. Change of Identity?

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I have been implanted

I have been implanted (without my consent) through a 'blood' test. The people responsible for this should pay (they will someday) Its like I'm not even a person anymore an people make fun of me just because NOW they can. It's in invasion of privacy an just evil, RFID!! So, future people reading this beware you may be next?!

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You can actually sue them

You can actually sue them dude IF you are serious but I believe you're a troll. And wow how did you know there was an RFID tag on you?

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veri chip

Alot of ill legal stuff has happened in my life, a lot of bull and a friend of mine told me I have a tracking device inside me. I want it out. And I want the people responsible for putting it in me to pay. It is a violation. Instead of jumping to conclusions, they should have gotten a life instead of lying to justify what they are doing. Even my divorce atty was involved in this, I guess we teach our kids to respect adults, study hard so you can get away with anything you want. I know there time is coming. I know there were camera's in my house also. When I would go to work, in the elevator was a msg board which always had something on it after hearing a conversation between my friend and I.

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i believe you

i believe you

Serendip Visitor's picture



Serendip Visitor's picture



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If all of you could only realize the absolute dangers and invasion of microchipping humans you would HAVE to think twice, three times, four times, etc about this HORRIBLE thing that we have invented. We would all become slaves and watched over beings of the governments and of the world planners. They would have complete control over us. Open your small minds and enlarge the bigger picture in them. Become aware!!!!! This is happening more than you think. This is an abomination against humanity. Think again and again and again......

Thong Nguyen's picture

I am a victim of this device.

I think i was mysteriously injected with this device, and now every time i concern about this matter, I am considered a paranoid person. I got stack now as my privacy is violated, my identity is being stolen. They used information on this device to steal every thing from me, and I can do anything about it as everytime I concern about it, people considered i am paranoid or retarded. What can I do to get out of this situation? may you help?

SUNSHINE's picture

micro chip

Well it gos like this yes ,its under our skin some where,its happen to ,all privacy has been striped every day since 1999,and i've been like this for 10 years now may be more,but the only thing i can do is to lieve it i all in GODSALMIGHTY HANDS AND HIS EYES.and BESTRONG,DON'T LET THEM GET THE BEST OUT OF YOU,BECAUSE god IS our creater NOT MAN,IT IS WRONGFULL FOR PHYSICIANS to do such illegal thing,to women like us .its evil,JUST REMEMBER JESUS HAS SET US FREE ON THE CROSS,AND WE AS A CHLIH OF IS SE FREE.READ PSALMS IN YOUR HOLY BIBLE,TAKE CARE AND GOD BLESS YOU.

Carletta Johnson's picture

The government put a device in me

Hi my name is Carletta Johnson and I have been trying for these last few years to get the device out of me and I can't seem to get any one to help me. This device was placed in me without my permission and I have been in pain and manipulated, hurt, made a fool of and even had people thinking that I was crazy. When I had my operation that's when they did it. My story is true and long I need help to get this device out now!!

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It's OK to be tracked......if you haven't done anything!

Hey listen they usually put these devices by illegally telling most unsuspecting victims that they need surgical intervention and will have to sign general anasthesia papers. I know because that is exactly how I got to live with this chip inside me :D.

Frankly it doesn't bother me, because I am living my life the way I want to live it. And if the big brother is pissed about my lifestyle and wants to track my every move, so be it. There is a time to live and a time to so with dignity and freedom of speech, thought and expression, don't let anyone and I mean anyone intimidate you or destroy you just because they are tracking you and trying to beat you down with global positioning tracking and digital communications inpout directly into your brain, they should never be allowed to take your power away from you and I mean NEVER..........just live your life well and happily for as long as you can, don't let them make you miserable!

My moment of joy comes from the knowledge that governments are the one's who are paranoid schizo, who spend billions on such frankensteinian programs while the smart killers and pedophiles happily do what they want and when they want it, while innocent people get tagged :D I just love the irony of it all.....and so I never complain, why should I....if fools want to be fools let them be for as long as they want to be so....they will wisen up after they have no choices!

Andrea Muraski's picture

About this I do beleave that

About this I do beleave that the goverment did do that to u.U need to go to a docter where I from and tell them that U have a foreign object and (U don't). I MEAN U U DONT KNOW?? what it is and U would like to see it and know what it is. YOU want it taken out off YOU as soon as posible. So go to a diferent state. Im from Wisconsin you must go some where people do not know about U... so then thay dont think u r crazy because u r not by no means crazy shit like this i do beleavie is vary true so think about It if you need help just e-mail me

Thong Nguyen's picture


I think I have the same problem as you do. I would like to share my sympathetic with you. I also in need of how to get rid of this evil technology of my body. If you could find some help, please let me know, I'd appreciated. I am dieing with this device on me, and could not find any help to get this off.

Anonymous's picture

where can i get one of these?

where can i get one of these? im in south africa

david's picture

How stupid can some people

How stupid can some people be? I mean it is so clear that this implantable chip being produced is going to become the future mark of the beast written about in the bible. Its plain simple proof, along with everything else that is going on in our world. If you take that chip, "and mark my words", you will suffer greatly.

How hard it will be for parents in those days to say no to the chip, meaning at the same time they cannot feed their children from the system anymore and will therefore find it extremely difficult to live.

The world is now in the end times, its not that hard to believe when you look around. One thing I know is when the 7 year peace treaty gets signed between israel and palestine it will be the lat 7 years on earth as we know it.

This link shows the peace treaty is already being negotiated.

Anonymous's picture

"And he requires

"And he requires everyone--small and great, rich and pooer, free and slave--to be given a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark..." (Revelation 13:16-17)

"There is no rest day or night for those who worship the beast and his image, or anyone who receives the mark of his name." (Revelation 14:11-12)

If you actually read your've been warned.

Mike's picture

Veri Chip

To whom it may concern,

How would I find more about Verichip outside of the USA. I am based in South Africa



PAnimal's picture

Read what I have to say as I think this is wrong and this is why

First I want to say I don't believe in Conspiracy Theory but in all actuality people should be aware of them to be prepared.

Second, with these chips, first comes the identification part, then comes the sensory capabilities, then comes the rest that I don't give a crap about and the marking of control taking away our freedoms that we have now: GPS (tracking device), computer usage, cell phone usage, and soon but I haven't heard or read anything about it yet, they'll have a circuit in them that if you try to remove them they might be able to send a surge of voltage in you (powered by some kind of energy in out own system making these last forever) that would allow them to stop your heart or mind or strait out kill you without a way to revive you or start you back up giving FULL CONTROL to the Government or "New World Order" as they might call it.

Just great some idiots in the world invented this and others want to get or learn more about them as just having them started will get the government involved (if they weren't already) and next thing you know during the coming Biblical Rapture and/or Martial Law they'll know your every move and you'll be stationary forever, maybe confined to your home as they'll know if you're moving more than 200 feet from a central location or something and able to track you to exterminate the violator. Nobody thinks about that do they? I think about it from all I have read and most people don't even think of anything.

Maybe it is a "Conspiracy Theory", maybe it is all a bad thought only and made up stories, but maybe - just maybe it is something that is in reality coming and people want to help it along..

And in my thoughts, who is to say the "United Nations" isn't the leader of the "New Word Order" and "NATO" isn't the people going to be doing the dirty work. If you think about it, we may have a good military in the USA but if you think about us against the "UN" because we don't join in, we'll lose to the rest of the world anyways so we'd probably be forced into it. So why help it along? We need to stop it before it is all finished.

Serendip Visitor's picture


--Do you believe that this VERICHIP (RFID)is some kinda mark of the beast 666 that most denominations have speculated? I do belive it is. Satan is using ingenious artifice to deceive people and turn into his. If you believe in Satan's existence, then you might have believed to the prophecy written in the book of the BIBLE as well. The book did'nt tell all what will happen allusively, though. But try to ponder the events, climate, issues, and any other things pertaining to this stuff.

Anonymous's picture

I wish people would read the

I wish people would read the companies profile.This product doesnt not track your children.It does not allow you to find your child if they are kidnapped.This product simply allows a consumer to be identified it they are rushed to a hospital and are unable to communicate via a 16 digit code.This is used to identify their medical records and identity.Also used to identify the unfortunate,this minimizing the term Jane or John Doe.

Anonymous's picture

Think about it. You have

Think about it. You have your dog with a chip! But not your kids ???? Big brother is watching you no matter what... How do I get a hold of this product??

Anonymous's picture

can i get chips for my family

i read about chip,,,here in my country security is not good. people are kidnaped by any criminals and enforcment agencies do nothing...i am sure it is a need of the time. but only for security purpose...and i wanna ask from you plz tell me how can i buy and take it for my whole family?
i have written my e meail id plz inform me. thanx

Anonymous's picture

tracking devise

I would like to know if I have a tracking devise inside me. How do I find out. I understand that one was put in me. How do I find out if I have one and get it out of me?

Cassandra's picture

tracking device

I too believe I have had a chip placed in me, as a child. I was curious as to whether or not you have found any information regarding how to find out for sure and get it removed. Thanks alot.


Anonymous's picture

well I read a lot of people

well I read a lot of people asking can you use this on pets,although I have not seen your answer of yes or no, so which is it? Yes or no?

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I just dont see how one can say they are EQUAL

If the invention of the tracking chip was born under good and or positive intentions I can appreciate thye thought but I just cant appreciate it enough for it to be forced upon people or for one to try and manipulate another into getting it for themselves or a loved one. The entire thought of implanting any human being with any type of tracking device is terrible for me only because I would fear the effects it may have on the person's way of thinking and health. I am not religious but I am a firm believer of God and if such thing was a desire of his he would have something in its replacement and man would have no need for such invention. I believe the government has a lot to do with why people are so afraid of just living day by day because of all the secrets that are being hidden from us not to mention all of the dangers the government itself is throwing out into the states and countries and people of the world. I would never want any of my loved ones implanted with anything close to a tracking device and Im the most overprotective mother I know so its not about having anything to hide its about health and possible harm to the way we think or our memory being affected. I wouldnt want the fear of anything mentally changing in the mind of my loved ones caused by a thing they werent even born with. I belive if such thing was to happen it should be by choice and then again may such a chip be removed later if the child grew up and didn't want it for any reason? How can God give us free will to choose how we live our lives at our own risk but the government want to manipulate the way we live and not consider our free will as well? How can anyone call the US the land of the free when most of us dont get to choose how we live or what we should eat or what we like or anything? Who gave man the right to choose for another man? Who ever said that man chooses whats to come for the next to him or for the men to come before him? In the end we all sleep alone every night affected with OUR OWN actions and thoughts, let one deal with one's thoughts and actions, the way God created. What I mean when I say "God" is "whatever or whoever you consider to be the higher power" not my God.

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A good idea!

I God has nothing to do with this. If something is use for the good it is good. There will always be someone using it for the wrong reasons. Do you know how many children could have been found by now. The times are changing. I am a Christian and take God with me. But Jesus even said to not tempt God. I am saved but does that mean that I am saved that I will go play basketball in the middle of the expressway in the middle of rush hour. People said the samething about the internet that it was bad. It is good for it's own reasons and bad in other ways. We need to get smart about our children and do what we can to protect them!

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Im lookin 4rm all angles & Im very smart w/ a complex mind

The suggestion of someone being not smart because they feel different from how you feel is a little closed minded, would you agree with me?
Deciding you dont want your child micrchipped says nothing about not being smart or what you may consider smart. Im the most overprotective mother Ive ever known and Im a young mom at that. I completely disagree with any of my loved ones being micrchipped for any reason and Im very smart, in books, common sense and streets as well so being smart has nothing to do with it. On the other side of the coin God has plenty to do with it. I too believe in God, the same God you believe in and I know God is the center core of ALL things from all angels. Everything leads to God in one way or another and I can appreciate and understand you thought about finding our missing children and other loved ones but I just cant agree with the possibility of my loved ones' minds beings damaged or their health being affected by a device implanted in our/their bodies by another human being. Damage caused by something our child was not born with is a scary and terrible thought to hold in your mind. I believe if such creation is to be implanted it should be at free will.

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tracking devise

How can I purchase one?

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tracking devise

I just want to know how you find out if you have a tracking devise installed in your body and how do you find out who put it there? What are the persons legal rights especially if it was put in without permission. Also, how do you know if one is in your computer so that someone is reading your e-mails.


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Microchip for children

Being a grand parent and watching the custody battle of one of our grand sons,it would give us a great piece of mind to be able to track him on the week ends he is reguired to go with his father.I never would have thought i would agree to something of this nature,but when you have to send a child some where your not entirely comfortable with,what options do you really have?

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I know what you are

I know what you are saying.That is why Im on this right.Because my neibor has a litte boy with a man that just got out of prison and hes been out for about a mounth and he has been seeing the boy and bring him back .But now he wants to bring the little boy (he's one an a half the boy)out off state to go to his dads funeral and he do's have permission from peroll officer but the dad will not give the mom the addres off where the boy is going to be stating nore will he give any phone numbers so i think that she need's something like this for her son. under this cercumstanse me i would not let the boy go but thats me if i new where the kid would be maybe. Because what if she never see's her son god that would suck I would want too off my self if that were too happen to one off my kid's and one is a step child i still would go nut's im sure any parent in there right mind would do the same I HOPE.