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Munchies and More: The Effects of Marijuana on the Brain

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Biology 202
2002 Second Paper
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Munchies and More: The Effects of Marijuana on the Brain

Kathryn Fong

To many, marijuana is seen as a horrible narcotic that causes many physical and social problems. To others, it's a harmless drug that gives the body a relaxing sensation. Marijuana can be found on many college campuses and high schools. It is estimated that at least 70 million Americans have tried it, and of those people, 10-14% become dependent of the drug (1). Marijuana is often referred to as the "gateway" drug, leading the user to more serious narcotics. Marijuana users experience different sensations, from excessive mellowness, fuzzy memory, to the munchies. Some of the typical effects are impairment of memory, alteration of memory, motor coordination, posture, cognitive ability, and sensory perception. So what is it in marijuana that keeps users wanting more?

The active ingredient in marijuana is delta-9-trans-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. The structure of THC is very similar to the endogenous cannabinoids, or endocannabinoids for short, which are naturally occurring chemicals in the body (1).The THC binds to the receptors of the endocannabinoids, and activates the neurons, causing the different sensations experienced during a high. These receptors are spread throughout the brain. THC affects the central nervous system, as well as the peripheral tissue systems. THC can reduce pain, lower body temperature, and enhance appetite. It can also be used for anti-inflammatory, bronchodilatory, and anti-convulsant, which is why THC is used for medicinal purposes. THC is used as a popular treatment for glaucoma by reducing ocular pressure, and for neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, Huntington's Disease, and spinal cord injury (4).

The THC acts on the receptors of the endocannabinoids. Two known endocannabinoid receptors are CB1 and CB2, which are found in the nervous system and the periphery nervous system, respectively. The receptors are coupled with G-proteins and mediate the inhibition of adenylyl cyclase activity, which in turn reduce the production of cyclic AMP, cAMP. The reduction of cAMP formation blocks calcium ion flow into the cells, which would disrupt the formation of action potentials. This may attribute to some of the side effects to marijuana use (4). Cyclic AMP and calcium ions regulate several neurotransmitters, including acetylcholine and dopamine (1). This may account for the nice and mellow feeling people experience when smoking pot.

The precise physiopathological responses between the stimulation and inactivation of endocannabinoid receptors are still unclear, however, it is known that the performance of the nervous system and the peripheral processes, such as modulation of neurotransmitters, control of immune, gastrointestinal, reproductive, and cardiovascular systems are impacted. By observing the actions of the CB1 receptor, researchers are able to determine different response pathways. The actions of the CB1 receptors interact with thermoregulatory systems in the body. CB1 receptors also interact with sensory perception such as hearing, color vision, and touch. Motor responses are also affected by CB1 receptors, some motor responses being movement, coordination, posture, and muscle function. THC has a high affinity to CB1 receptors, which may account for the different sensations when one gets "high. Often times, a person under the influence of marijuana feels an increase of body temperature, hallucinates, seeing colors and objects that are not really there, has trouble walking, or staggers around. It is the binding of the THC to the receptors that cause this. The CB1 receptors and their corresponding enzymes and proteins can be found in the thalamus, hippocampus, cortex, striatum, substantia nigra, and cerebellum. This shows that endocannabinoids and their substrates have a role in motor and cognitive response (2).

THC may also affect the endocrine system. The CB1 receptors are found in the hypothalamus of the brain, which regulates the secretion of pituitary hormones. The release of the pituitary hormones can also lead to the secretion of adrenocorticotropic hormones (2).

It is still unknown if marijuana is addictive, or contains any addictive agents. An experiment was done with monkeys, in which every time they hit a lever, they would get injected with THC. After the monkeys figured out how to operate the levers, they hit the lever about 30 times per minute. This however, does not prove whether the monkeys were addicted or whether they just enjoyed the sensation, and felt it was a reward. In humans, about 10-14% of users become dependent. There are many treatment programs that help those addicted to marijuana (3). It may more difficult to diagnose a marijuana addict because the symptoms of marijuana addiction are not as noticeable as symptoms of different dependence, such as alcoholism (1).

One thing that I wanted to find information on, but was not able to was about the "munchies". My friend and I came up with the same question: Do people actually experience the "munchies", or are it because they heard that everyone experiences "munchies" after they smoke marijuana, so they get the "munchies" too. Are the "munchies" a physiological effect of marijuana use, or just a psychological effect? Though I did not get an answer, I think it may be related to THC. This question may require more research for the future.



1) Carrol, Linda, Marijuana Effects: More Than Just Munchies, New York Times, January 29, 2002

2) endogenous signaling system: chemistry, biochemistry, and physiology, from the Internet Journal of Science - Biological Chemistry

3) Hooked on Hash, from New Scientist, 2000

4) The Pharmacology and Biochemistry of Cannabinoid Receptors, May 1997



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01/24/2006, from a Reader on the Web

In regards to Katheryn Fong's Marijuana study. The Munchies are a very real thing. When I did use marijuana by smoking or drinking a tea. I did notice that even when I had something to eat an hour previously I had the sensation of being hungry again. I knew I couldn't be physicly hungry again and I was eating insane amounts of food. I also noticed that I had the cravings for sweets one minute and salty fatty foods the next. I believe that the body wants something for the THC to bind with, preferably fats. The body may be doing this for some reason but I will be conducting studies in a few years myself. I no longer use Marijuana but felt this could help.

Additional comments made prior to 2007
Yes, the munchies are real... from what I have heard/experienced, your body craves the food because, for whatever reason or another, eating balances some kind of chemical equation in your body and you come down from your high. So in effect your body craves different foods to balance itself out, and bring you down from your high. After you eat, as anybody can tell you that has smoked marijuana, you get very tired. I would usually fall asleep watching TV for a few hours in the middle of the day even though I had only been awake maybe 6 or 7 hours ... David L, 14 May 2006



"Marijuana dependence?" You are one of the people who create that myth and the myth that it is a dangerous narcotic ... Jared Barnett, 28 February 2007



i think marijuana is fine it's herbal and the doctors give it to thier patience someitimes ... Cassy, 10 December 2007


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Okay, there is alot of

Okay, there is alot of science here, but if anyone here has actually done any weed, they might realize that the reason you feel paranoid or weird when they are high is because of excessive thinking. They analyse things too deeply, in an altered state of mind. This leads to the paranoia, b/c of a misguided, obsessive thought. Weed will lead to the end of obsesstion. It will help people calm down their thoughts, only when they want to, it is the simple letting go of all you thought you knew, and move into realization. Realization of.. what is, what you know, and maybe what you dont know. Im just a guy stateing his opinion. On the other hand, some of the strangest people I know don't smoke weed or do drugs. I know these people, parents, who dont let their kid hang out with friends, go to the movies or anything. She is made to work, study, and baby-sit her brothers and sisters all the time. THAT IS FUCKED! I smoke weed alot, I let my son go hang out, have friends, and he studies when he knows he needs to. Who is the smarter parent? Or wait acutally, which kid is happier, and wont be a totaly bitch when they grow up? And yes, the munchies exists :). But the idea that marijuana has nothing to offer is a chimera, I think.

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I just smoked marijuana like 3 hours ago for the first time. Im still a little high but a little paranoid. Look. The things I felt and saw and experienced were way past normal. I would like leave and come back to the body. It was crazy and horrible. I even started crying because i would like leave and come back and i didnt feel anything. I got so paranoid because i would have conversations with the people i was talking to, in anther dimension, and they would only hear me in one and i would be like "didnt you heard what i just said" and they never heard the things i said. And i would come in and out of my body and I cried because i was so scared. I thought i would be like that forever. It was the worst experience of my life. I didnt know it would be so bad and Ill never do that shit again. I learned my lesson. I would tell myself that i have full control over my body to see if i could stay in the body without leaving every two seconds.

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That isn't from the weed. It sounds like someone put Salvia or Ketamine in your weed. That's way more likely then it being Meth or Coke laced. It is very unlikely that experience was from clean weed

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Your marijuana was laced

Your marijuana was laced honey.

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Dude your shit had to have

Dude your shit had to have been laced. I've been smoking for years now and i've never felt like that lol i would recommend to blaze it again and see how it treats you. :)

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I felt the exact same thing

I felt the exact same thing the first couple times i smoked. That feeling goes away really fast, after 4 or 5 times smoking. Then you can enjoy it.

And yes the munchies are real. I smoke twice a day and every time i smoke im starving to death, I could eat a whole box of none salted crackers with a glass of water if thats all there was.

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Yo,out of body expieriences are not an effect of marijuana. They are a effect of meth. So there is a good chance what ever you used was laced.

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ive smoked weed a fair few

ive smoked weed a fair few times and its been fun but the last time i did it i had pretty much exactly the same experience i thought i was dying and going in and out of my body crying screaming and thought id be like that forever i thohgt i was dead. anyway after that ill never touch it again.

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you were smoking pcp thats

you were smoking pcp thats why..and you cant change my mind or tell me otherwise because i had marijuana laced with pcp its called "leak" and its like being in the afterlife its scary as hell

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It sounds as if your weed was either laced, or you psyched yourself out while high.

I've been smoking for years, and never have I had anything similar to that happen, not even the first time I tried it.

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I agree completely to what

I agree completely to what you're saying. As most people tend to start analyzing and thinking about the world and everything within it, this can be generalized to their paranoia.

I don't know about anyone else, but the first time i smoked weed i thought it was dirty. I thought the high would be some intense surge through my body. It wasn't.

A person's perception of what is happening to them whilst stoned is like a suggestion that the brain takes literally. If you suggest to yourself you will become paranoid, scared or in "another dimension" then you WILL think this way.

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ok your ridiculous. everyone

ok your ridiculous. everyone i know has never expierenced that. the thing is that, like said earlier, it can make you think more or less depending on your state of mind. it has great calming effects but also you get "great ideas" when your on it. later you may realize they werent so amazing but thats why we get stoned. i have smoke i will continue too. im not dependent i activly participate in sports and have all a's. weed does to you what you let it. IF YOUR CRAZY DONT SMOKE IT!

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It is actually fairly common

It is actually fairly common for people to have these "out-of-body" experiences. Some find to liking it and some get frightened from it and generally get scared from it and then things go down hill from there. It all depends on your tolerence with marijuana. I personally have never had an out-of-body experience, some of my friends have and they say they enjoy it. I have also had another friend who had one and he was scared from it. So it just depends on what you want to happen and what you're used to happening when you're high.

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What your experiencing for a

What your experiencing for a first time user is in some sense normal. It sounds like you took a fairly high dosage, coupled with the fact that it was your first time and you aren't used to it.

The fact is that trying to keep in control is the very thing that made your experience bad. You're obviously a person who likes to stay in control which is a good thing but doesn't go hand in hand with many drug uses.

to really feel the good effects, you have to let yourself relax. Paranoia is common, especially in first time users. I was paranoid myself, almost had an experience exactly like yours.

My advice, either never do it again. Or just take less next time so you can build more confidence in the drug and yourself. make sure you do it in a safe environment. preferably somewhere you can sleep if you feel like you've taken too much again and need to get away.

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Brain Cells

Does it kill the brain cells or just coat them?

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What effect would marijuana have on a Parkinsons' patient?

Thanks for the info.
I'm also new, and I'm collecting as much info. on marijuana.
I was told that it has some positive effects but it destroys brain cells.
Is this recommended for Parkinson's patients?


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How does marijuana affect you in terms of mood swings as well as recovering from
an addiction to it and does it cause depression?

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There is no specification in

There is no specification in this article of whether or not it is physically addictive (withdrawal symptoms) or psychologically addictive (all in your head). It has been proven
that marijuana is Not physically addictive meaning it is not addictive like
nicotine, heroine, and things that cause Physical withdrawal symptoms.
It has Not been proven that it is psychologicaly addictive such as some one's
personal mental addiction to something such as a sport, activity, or just something that one loves.
Personally, I am addicted to marijuana psychologically. I enjoy being high
and it makes me come back again and again to feel that way. I can go without it
for days and not suffer any withdrawal symptoms. The only thing I have trouble with when I don't use marijuana is being tired enough to go to bed as well as
the thought in the back of my head saying "I wish I was high."

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When i smoke i get the munchies very bad.I drink a lot of water but doesn`t help.I am not bored when i get them so that is not a reason.I wish there was somthing out the to control this.I need to loose weight but impossible when smoking pot.

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Stop smoking pot?

Stop smoking pot?

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Some views

Take everything you read with a grain of salt. The validity of studies claiming the pros or cons of cannabis are often biased. When conducting empirical research many variables have to be taken into consideration. Those who are scientifically trained understand that research is often conducted to prove or disprove subjective notions and limited perspective. Beyond the need to show that the results are reproducible, ulterior motives, PREMORBIDITY (preexisting conditions and factors), funding sources and impartiality are often overlooked.

That aside it is quite obvious that the detrimental aspects/effects of cannabis usage are far fewer than many legal medications, synthetic chemicals, natural toxins, ethanol (drinking alcohol), pollutants, pesticides, petroleum-based compounds, tobacco products, every other illicit drug and whatever else we are exposed to or ingest on a daily basis. For example Tylenol overdose has an infinitely higher mortality rate than marijuana "overdose". As far as has ever been documented, no one has ever died from ingesting or smoking too much cannabis. The LD-50 (the amount given all at once which killed 50% of lab animals tested) of Tylenol is about 7 gms. in humans, whereas the LD-50 for marijuana is 46 pounds (21 kilograms)! So there is no realistic overdose amount. It's safer than caffeine, nicotine and sugar in that regard. That much WATER will definitely kill you.

There has never been one documented case of exclusive cannabis use contributing or causing COPD, respiratory distress or lung cancer. Some "hypoxia" was noted in a long anthropological cannabis use study conducted in Jamaica and published in the mid-1970's, but this was because many of the local population smoked a combination of cannabis and TOBACCO. This hypoxia was very minimal, and represented a small decrease in peripheral oxygen perfusion of about 1-3%. The results of this study led to the conclusion that the prohibition of cannabis use had many more negative social, physical, economic, racial, political and legal consequences than positive ones.

Done in moderation, using a source with no toxic contaminants, cannabis seems to be a more "healthy" (albeit illegal) method of intoxication. The idea that it can significantly alter endocrine function is faulty regardless of the research because the insulin found in processed cow's milk has an effect on aspects of your endocrine system after prolonged and consistent use. The same goes for non-organic meat, vegetables and fruits which may have additives, dyes, preservatives, HGH, antibiotics, pesticides, heavy metals and steroids in it.

Oh yeah, the munchies. Well it really is common sense. One of the main reasons you may feel a craving for food when smoking or ingesting cannabis is because of the "organ" which is effected the most- your brain. The brain craves glucose. When you smoke, endocannabanoid (anandamide) receptors start working overtime. Usually anandamide and other chemicals are only released in times of physical stress and duress. The "runner's high" many notice after an intense workout is caused by the release of internal cannabanoids (and endorphins as well as adrenalin). With the highest concentration occurring in your brain, the CB1 and CB2 receptors trigger a cascade of electrochemical events. IOW your brain fuel starts to dwindle (sugar) so your brain compels you to replenish it.

Unlike dopaminergic receptors, which are associated with cocaine and heroin use, these anadamide receptors neither diminish nor multiply. Once the chemicals associated with feeling the marijuana "buzz" are depleted the receptors go back to dealing with the endogenous (internal) chemical amounts circulating throughout your body. If exogenous (external) plant "anandamide" (CBD and Delta-9 THC) is once again introduced into your system it occupies those receptor sites which are available. No new ones are created, so that when there is a decreased amount of the exogenous chemical in circulation you experience NO physical withdrawal symptoms as is seen in drugs which do the opposite-- like Heroin, Ice, Crank, Oxycontin, Codeine, Morphine, other morphiates. Even alcohol.

I have no agenda. I do not drink, smoke or partake in any chemical vices. I am a scientist though, so I know the fallacy of believing research just because it's done at a reputable school or by a reputable group. The running academic joke is that you can validate or refute anything with supposedly solid empirical technique. Don't believe the hype. Especially with such a politically, morally and socially charged subject as the safeness and/or legality of cannabis use.

Think of how easy it is for those with inside knowledge and control to manipulate us all. Look at how the world is being adversely impacted by blind reverence and allegiance for those claiming to know better or having our best interests in mind. It's a new era where we each must learn to teach and lead ourselves. Quit being complacent, illogical, emotional, gullible, delusional and oblivious.

Faith is for inspiration and fantasy; without evidence and fact you will never have a truly complete and fulfilling life. Intent and relevance is the key. Never sell yourself short. Never stop seeking and learning. Question EVERYTHING, ALWAYS.

Make your own way...

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After serving in the military,they say I have PTSD. Their treatment( VA hospital) plan: emotion stripping chemicals (zoloft, etc..)then they ask you how do you feel? The appointments are short, as well. I, began to partake of the herb. And one day I smoked and was listening to an "Earth,Wind and Fire" song, my point; over time while listening to certain oldies and smoking. I remembered good feelings from that music, that time and I konw I'am more optimistic than my veteran friends who are on the "PILLS". So, Mr. Scientist Man, I appreciate what you shared. Now that I have rediscovered myself, I "question EVERYTHING NOW" (RELIGION-GOVERMENT-MEDICAL)the "Three Headed Dragon" of our personal-selves.

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it depends on the strain

it depends on the strain whether one actually suffers from the munchies vs just gets bored and eats.

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I spent a lot of time

I spent a lot of time thinking about this one day with my brother. I came up with a few theories. First is about the shakes, hypoglycemics often experience the shakes when they are low on blood sugar. The best cure for this of coarse is simple sugars, aka crappy junk food. Another thought came to me when I realized that I don't get the munchies, and as so happened on that night night I was over at my cousin's and all he did was watch TV and eat junk. I on the other hand talked with my brother about the beauty in the randomness and infinite complexity involved in the growth of a tree. I also recall hearing at some point that weed makes you horny. I'd now like to draw on Plato's theory on personality. Plato believed that there were three elements involved in someones personality. Plato, I'm sure by the way, was an avid user of marijuana. He did after all travel to India, and the middle east during a time when marijana or ghanja, was prevalent. So plato said that the first area is desire, desire to eat, desire to be comfortable, desire to do it. The second is emotion. The ability to love, to fight and die, courage, spirit, sadness, altruism. The final is intellect, the desire to learn and increase knowledge, and the ability to analyze concepts, and synthesize theories. Marijuana, I believe, causes one to stand out, and all the others to dim. I hope you can all find examples in your own lives to back up what I'm talking about.

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The complexity of trees...

Amazing! I had a very similar experience to yours... Being a visual artist I actually had visions (not hallucinations). I saw tree tops swinging in the wind. The colors were vibrant. I was drawn to focusing on one tree and noticed the intricacies in the branches, the variations in how the leaves changed in the seasons. I let my imagination wander and started to make associations with other elements in the scene... the stars, the cool earth. I started to reflect on universal emotions and felt more 'myself' - I decided at that point that I was going to take a picture and carry it with me after a few days.
Luckily I still remember that vision very clearly and plan on painting that beautiful tree!
Now I'm very curious if anyone else has had a similar vision or thought...

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The first time I smoked weed

The first time I smoked weed I didn't know what to do with myself because it was becomming overwhelming... so I picked up a piece of paper and a pen and began to doodle.
My doodles then began to take shapes and forms of real life objects that I could suddenly recreate. Pictures came out of every angle of every scribbe that I laid down on the paper. My imagination went crazy and I looked deeply into the many possibilities of a single line, circle, scribble, ect. It was that moment that I realized that pot stimulated me in a creative artistic way... and I too have always wondered if there are others out there that got the same effect out of it.

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Oh please. Munchies are

Oh please. Munchies are definitely real. I was stoned every day for about a year when at university. Unfortunately, they r very real. PersonallY i think it's because you 'spin out' like when drunk but you feel dizzy almost from smoking too much. You also start to feel shaky. I think eating the food gets you back in your body. I'm serious. You get so 'spaced out' that you panic and eating is the only way to turn your brain off and stop a major panic attack. Seriously that's my experience after as I say a year of heavy daily smoking, and I'm female. I haven't done any drugs for 8 years now. And I don't drink. For vanity and spiritual reasons! hehe. I mean horses/animals don't drink do they, and they're lovely.

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Ducks eat grapes that are

Ducks eat grapes that are fermented and contain alcohols

Serendip Visitor's picture

yea squirrels eat fermented

yea squirrels eat fermented pumpkins1 but on accident, I know because I saw it first hand, drunkk squirrells are really funny. however monkeys drink alcohol on purpose either fermented fruits or they even steal bottled alcohol at vacation areas and stuff.

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I believe that one's body has the desire to eat when high because eating will restore the balance in your body; it will bring you down from your high. There will be a particular craving for sweet or fatty foods, because that is what will bring your high down the fastest. There is no scientific data I can find to support this belief, just lots of first hand experience. I only get the munchies when I have smoked a considerable amount. I find if I smoke just a little, I have a functional "high", which is a state where I will do other activities and the marijuana has a relaxing and beneficial effect. If I smoke a lot, then I feel a bit overwhelmed and out of it, I get food cravings, and after eating, feel better.

It is all relative. Each person will react differently and have different levels of tolerance. Nevertheless, craving food is a common effect.

Finally, marijuana, especially the strains of genetically modified and enhanced marijuana available since the early 1990s, is very addictive to people predisposed to addictive behavior. It is a psychological addiction with some minor uncomfortable physiological effects from withdrawal. Don't let the "psychological addiction" confuse you- it is a real addiction.

The main issue with marijuana addiction is that it isn't devastating. It just makes you function at a lower level. It can reduce anxiety, tension and pain, but it also makes you a bit dumber and slower- which is relative. I know many people who smoke and are still high earning educated professionals- but they are really intelligent- they have the brain cells to spare. Being dumber for them is still way above average. Be careful of such people- they can mislead you into believing you can do the same. Most chronic smokers (not occasional or casual smokers, I am referring to people who smoke every day) who are past college age are idiots- harmless and even funny at times- but idiots nonetheless.

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First of all the way you generalize people that smoke pot after college makes YOU an idiot. Some people like to enjoy a beer after work, I enjoy a toke. Not to mention it has kept me off of anti-depressants since! Saying that highly educated people have brain cells to spare makes you even more of an idiot. The number of brain cells you have does not make you more or less intelligent. Almost everyone has the same learning potential (of course there are outliers). Brain cells have very little to do with intelligence I work in a high stress job and consider myself quiet successful. Graduated from a great university with a degree in accounting. My wife has a masters degree from a top 5 school. We both smoke pot everyday. You are a judgmental person that needs to check his facts. By the way Cannabis hasn't been "genetically modified". It has been specifically bred for certain attributes, just like our modern day food supply has been bred for certain characteristics. This doesn't make anything more or less addictive, or even more or less potent. In fact indigenous (landrace) cannabis can be much more potent, and where in fact watered down genetically to improve yield and speed up the amount of time it takes from seed to harvest. This breeding actually made cannabis less potent. Do you believe there are some hippie scientists "genetically modifying" cannabis to make it ultra potent? Are you out of your mind to think that normal people have the ability to dissect genetics and alter DNA?? Please, maybe if you had attended university and not spent your all your time watching Fox News you would have a little bit of intelligence. By the way, alcohol kills many more braincells than marijuana.

And to answer the question about "munchies", yes it does exist but it is strain specific. There are plenty of strains that will cause no hunger, and others that will cause a great deal of hunger. This is why a lot of medical users like strong indicas (a sub-type of cannabis) vs sativas. Indicas are known to cause more hunger and relieve pain. If you don't believe me go to a medical state and ask someone who has cancer if certain strains improve their appetite and if they stay away from certain strains. By the way to break down what a strain is in laymans terms, think of apples. There are many different apples that taste differnt, have different colors, and are nutritiously different. And no these apples weren't "genetically modified" they where selectively bred.

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I completely agree with your

I completely agree with your thoughts on psychological addiction. Smoking everyday will make your brain work slower as well as change the process by which
you remember things. After being a chronic smoker, I believe you learn to
cope with the short term memory loss and your brain is forced to function in a less affective but way in which you can still retain your short term memory. Basically in a nutshell, chronic smokers function better medicated than sober. It's the process by which your brain is forced to adapt to being high all the time and function semi properly.

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if munchies aren't real than

if munchies aren't real than i shouldn't be able to eat like two pizzas. like i think it would be pretty hard to convince me to do that. just saying

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marijuana isnt addictive.

marijuana isnt addictive. people who get addicted usually smoke blunt wraps and that has tobacco in it so thats what they get addicted to. and the munchies thing is true

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marijuana can reduce pain lower body temp, increase appetite.

not quite a quote but that was listed in this. then one would go on to wonder if marijuana causes munchies. read your own research

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Marijuanna does not reduce pain, in fact, the latest studies shows it actually increase sensibility to pain, the munchies are caused by the area affected by the drug, that area controls hunger, memory, sensorial perceptions, circulatory system (increase of up to twice the regular heart beat), it also causes constrictions of vasculatory systeme in the brain, thus causing memory gaps. That side effect can last up to a month after taing the drug, That drug is not harmless, it IS addictive, scientist are more and more convince that POT can cause cancer since it has more than twice the tar of cigarette, and contain 15 times more combustion particules that are known to cause cancer.
Pot is now known to cause hepatitis "C" and liver damage, if abused constitently for a long periode of time. it also damage and reduce the number of sperms, stomach, groth glands, reduce your drive to do things and motivations, etc... still think it's safe ? You must be high not to see all the bad things pot does behind the illusionnary mellow feeling. stay away, cause "mary wanna" hurt you

Natural high obtained by sports, hobby's, and friendly "sober" gathering, is always the best, cannabinoid are actually naturally produced by the brain with no side effect. Be yourself, be free, be clean...

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I have to respectfully

I have to respectfully disagree with you. Though you may have read something that said that, smoking pot does reduce pain. I personally suffer from chronic headaches. I have an excurciating pain 24 hours a day and smoking pot is the only thing that helps with the pain that doesn't cause so many other side-effects and other health issues. Pot may not be the best thing ever, but it is so much healthier than taking some manufactured drug that causes all kinds of bad things. Whereas the side-effects of smoking pot, I just have some munchies and feel like my head isn't going to explode. It seems to me like you are way up there on your high horse looking down on everybody that smokes and thinks that they are lazy, stupid and have nothing better to do with their time. I think you need to meet a few real pot smokers. I have grown up around them, smokers that have been smoking since 1955 and they are smart and successful hard working people. You can list offf every bad thing that marijuana does, but I gaurentee you that i would risk any of those bad things that pop some pill some douche-bag doctor pushes at me, playing botch to pharmaceutical coorperations.

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word i read that it does lead to the transmission of hepatitis c when you eat it, so watch out guys

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Yeah right

Actually the connection between marijuana and Hep C is the fact that person's with HEP C are more susceptible to liver damage if they are chronic users of marijuana. Hep C is transmitted through blood -- so unless you like to get high and drink people's blood -- you are not at risk for HEP C -- do your research before you post alarmist comments like that.

Ashley's picture

Thank you

Hep C? Are you serious? You people drive me nuts. Where do you get your information? Check your facts. I'm not claiming that pot is completely harmless but it is not addictive - thats a fact! Nothing is completely harmless and pretty much anything can harm you in too-large quantities. For example, food is bad for you if you eat too much. Its like going around and telling people not to eat because it will give them heart disease. The two most deadliest drugs are perfectly legal and yet people are stuck on marijuana. You don't see people going to the emergency room getting their stomachs pumped because they smoked too much pot. You don't see people getting in fist fights from smoking pot - they are way too relaxed. When I am drunk, I think that I can do anything - I can drive, beat up a man who is 6 feet tall, etc. When I am high I can just say, "no way, I'm too high to do that right now". You do have slightly impaired functioning, depending on how high you are but your judgment is all there.

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Marijuana does NOT cause hepatitis C

The post above is misleading and biased. Pot does not cause hepatitis C anymore than it causes HIV/AIDS. This is such a joke. Hepatitis C is a blood-borne infection caused by exposure to the blood of an infected person. This claim is ridiculous. Hepatitis C is caused by injection drug use, blood transfusion, Sexual exposure, or Body piercings/tattoos etc.

It is true that pot smoke contains more tar but I firmly believe that cigarettes cause far greater harm. Cigarettes kill more people than suicide, homicide and traffic accidents combined. Pot has never caused a single death...

Alcohol is also far worse as far as causing damage to health and to society.

It is a personal choice one makes, but it should be based on personal experience not on the words of some misinformed anti-drug zealot. People (adults) should try it for themselves. For the record I used to smoke but quit because I got severe munchies.

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thc in the body

When someone has hep of any kind does this affect how long the THC stays in your system

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Marijuana lowers blood pressure

Marijuana lowers blood pressure, and causes you to not feel pain. Unlike above me, here's a few links:

A message to all people like this: Please actually research information before trying to waste our time with unintelligible bullshit.

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Questions about marijuana

Would you say that marijuana would be good for a person who has swelling around spinal cord?

Would say that marijuana is life threatning, with one who has no medical ailments?

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from my expeirience with marijuana, the munchies only seem to occur when i am bored or have nothing better to do. however when i start to eat, there becomes a sense of joy in eating and i am able to eat in large quantities (enough food for 4 people to be satisfied). i am 6 foot and weigh 150 pounds, so eating large quantities of food isnt a normal occurance and i beleive that it is in this ability induced by marijuana that there is a sort of pleasure in eating that is enhanced by the drug which makes it a more enjoyable activity coupled with an almost bottomless stomach, thus inducing the so called "munchies." however, this is just my veiw on how my body reacts to marijuana. what is true for some may not be true for others.

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Hey I did some research

Hey I did some research myself and I called a doctor who does research in Colorado and he was saying that the reason for "munchies" is because there's a chemical in marijuana that has the same composition as a chemical your body releases to let you know you're hungry. It's an instinctual reaction he was saying and also has the effect of making you crave more marijuana, so when you smoke you want to smoke more but the feeling goes away after you stop smoking.