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Biology 103
Web Reports 1997
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Dara Newman
In trying to decide on a topic for this WWW project, it seemed logical to try and focus on a current subject. Homosexuality and homosexual behavior has existed for thousands and thousands of years, probably even before the times of homo-sapiens. However, up until a few years ago, the issue was discussed mostly by people in the social sciences. Psychologists, such as Freud, studied homosexuals extensively in hopes of coming up with an explanation for their "abnormal" behavior. All of the explanations that these people created linked homosexuality to experiences that homosexuals have while growing up. Generally speaking, people in the world of psychology believed that homosexuality could be explained by a person's environment. However, in the past four or five years, the subject of homosexuality has been creeping into the world of biology. Studies have been done recently that attempt to look at homosexuality in a scientific light in hopes of coming up with a genetic explanation for sexual preference.

One of the first successful scientific studies that was done on homosexuality was reported on in 1993. The purpose of this study was to look at families in which there was an abnormally high occurrence of homosexuality. By extensively studying the family histories of these families, researchers hoped to find some clues pointing towards the genetic factors that affect homosexuality. That is exactly what happened. By looking at the family trees of gay males (For some reason, this study only focused on male homosexuality, but made the claim that their findings would be similar to the ones that would be found by looking at female homosexuality. As this paper will discuss later, this assumption that male and female homosexuality can easily be compared may be entirely inaccurate.) it seemed that the majority of homosexual occurrences were on the maternal side of the tree. From this information, researchers concluded that if in fact there was a "homosexual gene", it appeared to be passed down from mother to son. This means that heterosexual females are carriers of this gene, and when it is passed down to a male child, there is a chance that the child will be a homosexual. While this study did not come up with any hard core facts about the genetics of homosexuality, it showed that a connection very well could exist. Since this study did determine that the gene influencing homosexuality was carried by the mother, researchers participating in further studies knew that they could limit their search to the X chromosome, and that is exactly what they did (5).

One of the most influential studies on the genetics of homosexuality was done by Dean Hamer and his co-workers at the National Cancer Institute in Washington DC (1993). Hamer's research involved studying thirty-two pairs of brothers who were either "exclusively or mostly" homosexual. None of the sets of brothers were related. Of the thirty-two pairs, Hamer and his colleagues found that two-thirds of them (twenty-two of the sets of brothers) shared the same type of genetic material. This strongly supports the hypothesis that there is an existing gene that influences homosexuality (4). Hamer then looked closely at the DNA of these gay brothers to try and find the region of the X chromosome (since the earlier research suggested that the gene was passed down maternally) that most of the homosexual brothers shared. He discovered that homosexual brothers have a much higher likelihood of inheriting the same genetic sequence on the region of the X chromosome identified by Xq28, than heterosexual brothers of the same gay men. Keep in mind though, that this is just a region of the X chromosome, not a specific gene. Although researchers are hopeful, a single gene has not yet been identified (7). Hamer's study also acknowledges the fact that while it does suggest that there is a gene that influences homosexuality, it has not yet been determined how greatly the gene influences whether or not a person will be homosexual (4). In addition, Hamer attempted to locate a similar gene in female homosexuals, but was unsuccessful (7). The results that Hamer's study did find though, cannot yet be accepted as absolute truth. Another study took place in 1993 by Macke et al. This study examined the same gene locus as the Hamer study, but found that it had no influence on homosexuality (8). As you can see, the results on this topic are still extremely varied and reasonably new, so it is difficult to come to any lasting conclusion.

Other studies have been conducted that look at twin brothers rather than brothers of different ages. Bailey and Pillard (1991) did a study of twins that determined a Ò52% concordance of homosexuality in monozygotic twins, 22% for dizygotic twins, and 11% for adoptive brothers of homosexual men (8). These results, like Hamer's, provide further support for the claim that homosexuality is genetically linked. Studies very similar to the Bailey and Pillard study have been done both with female homosexual siblings and siblings of both sexes. The results for both of these studies were only off from Bailey and PillardÕs by a few percentage points. Putting all of these results together, it seems like genetics are at least 50% accountable for determining a personÕs sexual orientation (8).

Looking at the results of many of the other studies I have discussed, it seems a little strange to me that the student of homosexual siblings who were both male and female came up with similar result as the studies that looked exclusively at male homosexuality. Hamer's study, along with others, have tried to located a gene that influences female homosexuality, but they have been unsuccessful. More importantly, the region of the X chromosome that very possibly could influence male homosexuality does not influence females in the same way. Female heterosexuals merely pass the gene sequence on to their sons. Knowing this, it seems odd to me that there would be such a high percentage of male and female homosexual siblings. Perhaps this suggests that if genetics are responsible for homosexuality, we have a long way to go before we completely understand the gene loci that determine sexuality.

Aside from the scientists who are researching the topic of homosexuality and genetics, there are many other people who have concerns and vested interests in the topic. The information that is being discovered has been used by people in both positive and negative ways. On the one hand, there are members of the gay community who are very excited to find that the life-style they live is not entirely a choice that they made, as homophobic people often like to believe. Some homosexuals feel that if the world realizes that homosexuality is something people are born with, just like the color of your skin or your eyes, then people will begin to be more accepting of the homosexual life-style (5). However, on the other hand, there is also a group a people who believe that if homosexuality is in fact genetically linked, then there should be a way to genetically alter homosexuals in order to make them "normal" (3).

Before I started researching this topic on the world-wide-web, I did not realize what a new and controversial issue the genetics of homosexuality was. From tid-bits of news that I had picked up along the way, I thought that scientists had located, without a doubt, a gene that plays a role in influencing sexual orientation. From the research that I have discussed above, that is obviously not the case. I am eager to follow this subject more in the future and see what biology will discover next.


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Comments made prior to 2007

I am iranian gay in a gay family, my dad was gay and my brothers and the sons of my brothers all are gay, o know something about the homosexuality factors that is can be proven, i have some ideas so i ll be glade if i receive a comment from a scientist working in this area, by the was i am also aducated person and can help more in this matter ... Kamyar, 28 December 2007


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I do not believe that being

I do not believe that being homosexual is a choice.
Its not like people who are gay wake up in the morning,
look in the mirror, and say :Oh, I want to be discriminated against.
hmm maybe I'll act like a girl and look pretty and be clean."
or "Hmm, I think I look good with short hair. and I wanna be called alot of
rude names. Lets be lesbians.!"
They were made that way. Why is it so hard for you
to understand and be okay with?

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Does there have to be an

Does there have to be an explanation for everything? Homosexuality has been around since pre historic times. I am still not convinced that mankind evolved from the Ape and I really question the Adam & Eve theory. Does it matter? I am here on this earth without explanation. Take me for who I am, I am one of God’s creatures.

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gay is a choice

it is 100% a choice.... but this is where people get confused, they think a choice is ONLY a concious choice.... rubbish!!. take for example the person that is always miserable and blaming everyone ells for the problems and always seeing the worst

they are clearly the ones causing their problems.. when you say to this person, "you are clearly choosing to be miserable" they will blow up in your face, saying how dare you, I want to be happy like everyone ells. when in fact, they have grown accustomed to being miserable, it is their normal state of mind, so they continue to CHOOSE this path.

exactly the same as gays saying, i wish i was straight, life would be so much easier.... what you wish for and what you actually do are completely different things. the mind is incredibly powerful and can surpass any physical influence. for example a person can believe in their mind so strongly that they are sick, that they will start to vomit. or actually become sick..just the same as a desire for the opposite sex can be dulled and even completely removed over years and years of subconsciously choosing to be gay.

I don't know the particular path that these people chose and the decisions that shaped their mind over time, but what i do know is that it was INFLUENCED... what ever they were once, was influenced to become something other that that.

any person under the "right" factors can gain a gay sexual orientation, and any gay under different circumstances would not have become gay..... unless of course the other scenario played out in a way that promoted gayness. but yes...highly unlikely.

now my problem is not with gay people, i have gay friends, my problem is that society treats them like a separate "born this way" people that should have seperate rights and responsibilities... that is the annoying part, they are just people with a different sexual orientation, like bestiality, dendrophiliac or pedophillia. ur not born a pedophile, you become one... should we give pedos the right to marriage now, and be all politically correct when talking about them. rubbish!! should we allow a man to marry a tree (dendrophilia).

im sure the pedo and the tree lover wish they were "normal" and say its not their choice, but yeh sorry it is, the mind is made over time and whether you take notice of it or not, its still happening.

if you wish you were a certain way, then guard your mind and take concious incremental steps to get where you want to be. its fine to have a gay sexual orientation but don't claim all this other nonsense along with it. its one small aspect of your life, a sexual aspect that is slanted towards men. some people like getting urinated on,some people like being dominated, some people like being treated as a child and yes some men like other men..... gayness is ONLY a sexual orientation, not a seperate part of the species,like seriously, men woman and gays... come on get real people..

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Wow some of you are very

Wow some of you are very uneducated. Being gay has been scientificly proven to be biological. It is not a choice. Do you people realize there is a high suicide rate among gays?Not because they get picked on but because they do not want to have the feelings there feeling. And for the people who think its a sin to commit gay acts all I have to say is really? Sex is suppose to be a beautiful act between two people who love each other. How many of you have sex just to have sex? Also if gays want to get married then let them! I think you guys who are against gays should really do your research. Most of the commets I see on here are just opinions and not facts. I personally hope that you who use the religious aspect to think about facts regarding that also. God and Jesus continue to do things today so the Bible is only a small amount of what they have done. I believe in God and respect his words but until you personally know them you can not speak for them. (that is a sin)

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It has NOT been proven. I'm

It has NOT been proven. I'm gay and love it. I have way more fun than my straight friends who are bogged down in their role play. And guess what? It's none of your business!

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it has never been proven,

it has never been proven, please show where you found this info

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Sorry, but you cannot yet

Sorry, but you cannot yet cite any hard scientific evidence that homosexuality is biologically derived. I think it is most likely a multi-factorial condition, but at this point we do not yet know.

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Homosexual tendencies may not

Homosexual tendencies may not be a choice and may one day be proven to be genetically linked. However it is a choice to engage in homosexual acts, as it is a choice to engage in pre-marital sex. Be careful of searching for genetic links to behavior that may be considered immoral (albeit by some and not by all). Its a slippery slope toward rationalizing more widely held immorality such as pedophilia. I do agree that homosexuals should never be discriminated against, but in the same vein I should not be discriminated against because I believe that homosexual acts are immoral and my church should not have to be forced to perform same-sex marriages

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What you said sounded like

What you said sounded like some of the most logical thinking I've read on this site. Unfortunately, today's idea of tolerance isn't tolerant unless you agree to agree with the tolerant. If someone wants a same-sex marriage, why not go to a magistrate instead of forcing a church to do something that is clearly written in its main text for it not to do? To insist in this seems to say more that there is a point to be made, not a service requested. Some things will never change.

I have not been able to find conclusive studies to state there is a genetic cause, only that there have been studies done. I personally believe it is a choice made in the spirit man, not the soul or body, though there are certainly going to be a lot of factors in the latter 2 realms, that press in on the spirit man to influence him. What would make sense to me is if someone is searching for the answers, search until you find them, but don't get angry because of someone disagreeing with you. No cause for alarm, just my opinion.

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So you think they are immoral

So you think they are immoral because they aren't choosing to be who you want them to be?

So you are afraid that because homosexuality of 2 consenting adults can be rationalized, that people will somehow begin to say it is okay to molest innocent children because of it as well?

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Some one who has a same sex

Some one who has a same sex attractoin is not in sin until he/she acts then it becomes a sin. For example if a ten year old thinks he/she is homosexual or hetrosexual they have not done anything because they have not acted apon there desires yet.

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well all i have to say is your born straight your born gay. you can't chose witch one you are. your born that way and there is nothing else to say

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So about all the straight

So about all the straight guys I've slept with? I think your too one dimensional in your thinking. Anything is possible!

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no you are not born that way. It does not say anywhere that being gay is a gene they say there is a possiblity it is a gene. Being gay is a choise not a good choise. Kind of like when you are little and you want a cookie but mom says no so you make the chois to disobey that is your choise. Homosexuality is a desicoin, I am not gay and i do not dislike gay people i just want them to know the truth about what they do. I do not dislike gay people i dislike what they do because it is wrong.

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Your choice to never learn proper spelling and grammar is more a sin than gay sex.

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Thanks. The best comment so

Thanks. The best comment so far.

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I am a girl and I personally

I am a girl and I personally thought I was a heterosexual and I once had one 3 year, happy and wonderful heterosexual relationship when I was 14 with a boy, who I loved and looked up to. He broke up with me for reasons I still don't know, I assume it was to do with work or he fell out of love with me or maybe never loved me, anyhow.
A year after I had just gotten used to life without this relationship (not get over it, because you cant get over a person you love), and I met a girl on the other side of the year at school, so I knew her name through friends but didn't know her personally. We got to know each other over a year as we sat next to each other in class a lot and were absolute best friends, liking a lot of the same music and video games and fashions.
Through that year we would hug, like most best friends, share our deepest and innermost secrets and were very close, just as close as I am now and were then with my best friends that are girls. We discussed being gay with each other, and I thought about this over a long time (a year or so).
I started to like her, really like her. I realised I didn't want her to leave and got very sad thinking about her not being in my life. I had sexual dreams about her as well as soppy romantic dreams. I cant define the symptoms of love specifically, because that is difficult, but I felt exactly the same feelings of love and adoration I had with my boyfriend previously. I read signs from her as well and they all pointed to her being attracted to me.
I kissed her one day, and that felt like I was breaking the rules a bit, it wasn't abnormal, but incredibly exciting and overwhelming. I wanted to do it again, and so I did. This time it was like I was back with my previous relationship, just kissing away, so normal and happy and safe and secure and wonderful. She confessed her attraction for me and I confessed mine for her, grateful that I hadn't made a mistake!
I love her more than my life is worth, she gets more beautiful everyday. But soppy stuff aside, being gay was not my choice. I only know one case of gayness in my family and that is my two great uncles on my mothers side. That may make it genetic, who knows... But I personally think I was always like this, and I discovered it when I met the right person, just like it takes heterosexual people a while to find the right person, it took me a fair while to find her.
But I am so glad I did, and hopefully I can avoid the hate (which I am doing now) and all this idea of 'cleansing' and live as the happiest person I can be with the woman I love. That is all I could ever want :)

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You're not gay, you're hurt.

You're not gay, you're hurt. Why is it that most gay people "become gay" after they've had a bad heterosexual relationship? Get over it, and move on to the next guy. Not for anything, but guys have a penis and girls have a vagina for a's a perfect fit!

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That's not true, people don't

That's not true, people don't get with the same sex because the opposite sex hurt them. And if they do they usually go back to being straight, they are not truly gay. I hate when people say that, YOU DON'T KNOW.

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It's NOT a choice!

I guarantee you no one posting here who's saying thats "it's a choice" is gay. They don't know how it feels. Who would wish this on themselfs? To be treated like crap? Oh yeah, this was my CHOICE!!! NOT! Don't let anyone on here get you down. God bless you and all of your family. These people are the ones that need to go to THERE place of worship and probably read the Bible a little more. I'm so glad this world is becoming more of an accepting place.

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lol go cure ur self

"Of course not. You can ask the same thing of an Alcoholic and he will say about the same thing . . . There is nothing wrong in my drinking. It is NOT Genetic anything . . . It's a brain disorder that is highly treatable and highly curable."

go fucking cure ur self were not looking for one maybe with some luck thay be able to convert u fucks into us !!!!!
viva la rebelion!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Actually, genetics play a

Actually, genetics play a large part in alcoholism.

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you are definitely a very sad

you are definitely a very sad and insecure being. I pray none of your kids "turns" gay so they won't have to deal with such homophobia and ignorance. Enjoy your "perfect" life.

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What the hell is wrong with everyone?!

Okay this is a simple subject.
As a 15 year old heterosexual girl I'm APPALLED that some of you people even have the decency to call yourselves HUMAN!! You know what discrimination is?? It's singling out someone or a group because of a difference. THAT'S IT! And you can tell me I'm wrong and add all these little details and say that I don't know WHAT I'm talking about but I am ABSOLUTELY certain that they're are good homosexuals and bad homosexuals just as there are good and bad white people, short people, and any other form of person on the planet! You cannot say that all Catholic people are jerks because that makes you just as bad as the person who started this rant anyways! This isn't a hard topic, you can give me facts and stats on how homosexuals are whatever percentage responsible for this condition and someone can go and look up something against your race, religion, and point of view. There isn't any ONE point of view, there are many that's what makes people who they are, the fact that they can decide who they are and who they want to be. To have that option is an AMAZING thing in itself. And to all those ADULTS who discriminate against people your passing on your thoughts, words and actions on to your CHILDREN!! And every once in a while you get a kid who totally disagrees with their parents and their religion and forms their OWN opinions. Homosexuality isn't a crime. You can't say that all homosexuals are bad just as you can't say all black people are bad (no offense) and yet there are people with enough STUPIDITY to go and blab about things they don't even know, opinions that have just been shoved down their throats until they believe that the ideas were theirs to begin with. I hate it when I see someone make fun of another person because of who they love or who they are. Do they not have a heart? Do they not have a brain? They may not look or act like you but EVERYONE on Earth is a human being. There is no changing that, yeah you can try to categorize everyone and everything into these neat little columns but you can never do that. So stop trying. Stop trying to repress a group or a person because of what they believe or who they are. Because you are sure as hell not perfect either.

So continue thinking about your little labels because that's all they'll ever be. Labels. Not people or thoughts or actions. Just a label that you've given someone.

Marissa-Ysena Monroy

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Thank you

Marissa - you are wise beyond your years.

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There should be more people

There should be more people who view this just like you do (:
I respect your opinions, and your soooo right.!!!
Thank you for sharing my views too.!!

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nature vs. nurture

here comes that debate again.this article suggests that there may be a biological explanation why some people are gay. but then, others may argue that being gay is merely a choice someone makes and that one's genes have nothing to do with his/her sexual orientation.if the suggested theory above could be proven accurate and reliable, it still does not mean that we can base our judgments on it entirely- for there are a lot of other factors that may even have a greater impact on our sexuality than genes such as family, culture, religion, etc.... one needs to know when the effect of his/her "nature" stops that marks the start of the "nurture" effect. :)

on a side note, don't shove your beliefs down other people's throat. your opinion is not absolute truth.

*my statements above are based on what i understood in this article, the comments on this article, and in my sociology class.*

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nature vs. nuture

okay, i guess I have to jump in as well. The fact that the research shows a link to a maternal side of homosexuality, would also make sense that the mother's in this scenario were equipped with a tendency to be controlling or evasive to their children. I don't believe homosexuals choose to be gay. The feelings they experience are very real. It's not a choice. I don't believe there is a genetic link either. I believe in a third option and that is physiological, environmental and genetic personality traits. When I took a course in physiology it was discussed how the brain continues to grow and change even in elders. It doesn't matter how old someone is, when data goes in, it changes the brain. The brain grows, shifts and changes. In PTSD, the brain can not process the information from right to left, I believe this can change the brain. According to this significant, solid proof has been found at all. This is what people don't understand, this is a suggestion of maybe but not an absolutely. People, there is so much more information out there that explains this situation outside of a genetic link. The truth is, if someone wants to live a gay lifestyle, they should NOT be discriminated against for it. If someone wants to leave the homosexual lifestyle, that is their RIGHT as well and they should not be subjected to DEATH THREATS!!!. This is the real truth about this situation.....everyone has a right to live their life the way they a gay or ex-gay, NOONE has the right to dictate how they live their life, this is where THE CHOICE belongs.

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Everyone is different.

Everyone is different. Unless you are gay, you don't know what it is like. Perhaps some people weren't meant to procreate, just let them be who they want to be, and let them be with who they want to be with, it isn't any of your business anyways. To the homophobes: If you are a man, imagine if you were forced to be with another man, and you were not allowed to marry a woman. I assume you wouldn't want some unwanted sexual experience like that, so why do you people think you can just make gay people be straight? Can you make yourself like the opposite sex of what you like now? Probably not, so just mind your business! Maybe they won't ever find a gene for homosexuality, but I personally don't believe that it is a choice for everyone, twins from the same environment with the same genes have turned out different in their sexual preferences, you haters need to learn acceptance and maybe get a life so you can stop messing with others.

Serendip Visitor's picture

All people are bi

I believe that we are all bisexual. We have preferences, but we are physically capable of engaging in sex with both males and females. I'm heterosexual, but I can imagine myself having sex with another woman if I love her. I wouldn't, but I can and don't find it nasty. Also, if a man gives a blow job to a straight man, don't tell me he won't jack off anyway! And straight men do have sex with other men in special circumstances, like in jail or something! I'm not anti-gay at all, all I'm saying is that if a homosexual doesn't like being that way and wants to marry and have offspring, we shouldn't push him into leading a life he doesn't want and convince him that it'll set him free. Although

Roo Rosenwald's picture


i as a homosexual see nothing wrong with same sex relations.

AnnaB Pence's picture

Well that is probably because

Well that is probably because it feels right. It is still wrong and i say that in a nice way i do not want you to go through life not knowing the truth about homosexuality. I am a hetrosexual, but i do not say that like i am better than gay people. I think that we all deserve to be treated as equals. I just want you to know i will be praying for you and all homosexuals to relize what they are doing is wrong; Please look up homosexuality and look at both sides of the story decide if what you are doing is right. Then praY ABOUT IT.

JC's picture


Is there a gene for being attracted to an animal? Or is there a gene for liking both men and woman at the same time? Is there a gene which makes you feel you need many all at once? Is there a gene for wanting to be a drag queen? HHHMMMMM

I think I will keep it very simple..normalcy is a Man attracted to a woman and a woman attracted to a man for procreation purposes....This is the way to go!!! (Being Normal)......

Brian's picture


Normal? Excuse moi, but you are sadly misinformed. Common and uncommon is what matters, not normal and abnormal. Are you a heterosexual? Good for you! do you want to sleep with women? Yes? Then that's normal... FOR YOU, BECAUSE you are a heterosexual. "Normal" depends on the person. For example- I have a particular shade of green eyes- that's not socially "Normal", but I really don't have any choice in the matter. "Normal" is what is common in society, but it should not be a standard to hold up to. If everyone was concerned with being normal, everyone would have brown hair, brown eyes. Because that is COMMON. But that;s not hte case, is it? Because... people are DIFFERENT. It's what makes us individuals. In my belief, anything that is NOT emotionally, physically, and emotionally to one human being (or two) is ok.

Lerro LeHezal's picture

See Nothing WRONG . . .

Of course not. You can ask the same thing of an Alcoholic and he will say about the same thing . . . There is nothing wrong in my drinking. It is NOT Genetic anything . . . It's a brain disorder that is highly treatable and highly curable.

Lucrezia from Italy's picture

The difference is that

The difference is that drinking is a self harming behaviour. Homosexuality is not a behaviour is what someone IS and is definitely not selfharming.

Lerro's picture

Actually not . . .You are

Actually not . . .You are talking about the "result of" drinking . . . There is a difference.
Several people drink like crazy and they are Alcoholics but the results of their highly
treatable, highly curable mental illness is NOTHING. For some it's not . . . For others
it's living hell to everyone around them. So, you are saying that a kid is running around
going Oh I love the style of my Dad he's an Alcoholic . and I love my mom's style too
she's a Lesbian.

Lorjun Suson's picture

It's a CHOICE!

If we say that homosexuality is not a choice, then we can also say that stealing and murdering a person is not a choice. If for example i was born to a family of murderers and then i also become one of them, isn't it unfair for my part that you will accuse me of committing a crime? If that's the way i was raise up can you say to me that i'm an immoral person because i'm not living in your standard(norms)? You people are blinded. It's a choice to change, it's a choice to stop stealing, it's a choice to stop murdering, and it's a choice to stop homosexuality. If you have the will to decide to change, then you can do it. it's up to you if you want to change. Everything you made for yourself is a choice. If you want to get good grades you need to study. If you want to be a suma cum laude, you need to work hard for it in all the years you'll spend in college. You are what you are right now because you are a product of your decisions and choices.

Julia 's picture

Interesting that...

I find it very interesting that the only people who claim to understand the origins of homosexuality are those who would know least about it (aka heterosexuals). Even most gay people can admit no one knows the absolute truth of the matter, only that they know it was not a conscious choice. The concept of choosing to be a homosexual is the most ridiculous notion that has ever been invented, as there has never been any evidence to back this claim. On the contrary, all supporting evidence seems to negate the claim entirely. If being gay was a choice, there would not be hundreds of related suicides every year. Teens would not endure their mother, father, and loved ones indefinitely turning their backs on them because of a simple "choice". Homosexuals would not risk their lives every day fighting just as hard to be equal as african americans did during the civil rights movement if being gay was a matter of choice; they do it because they know, too, that deep down this discrimination is as inhumane and unjust as any, and they keep doing it because with heavy hearts they realize it may just take people equally as long to open their eyes.

I am the proud product of an artificial insemination via a sperm donor and my lesbian mother. There remained an absence of heterosexual influence throughout my entire upbringing and yet here I am, at 20 years old and fully functional in my sexual development, a straight female. A straight female who has never had problems cultivating relationships with males, but instead has been able to hold a serious long-term heterosexual relationship exceptionally well. Now, Lorjun, I believe that we can safely say that your argument holds up absolutely no credibility in real-life situations, or even hypothetical ones for that matter. Comparing a homosexual ran house hold to that of a family of murderers is about the equivalent of using an orange to help explain the makings of an apple. You see, homosexuals do not discourage heterosexuality. They embrace it with open arms. They are well aware they are living a lifestyle most believe not to be the "standard norm". They find it odd that such a large portion of the heterosexual community is constantly obsessing over their way of life.

I am confused myself over what exactly all of you fear will happen if we were to just let them co-exist with us- it's as if you think at any moment they are going to burst through your dining room windows, interrupt your perfect conventional heterosexual family dinner, and start jumping on your tables dancing and screaming at your children "It's good to be gay!!!!". No, they have and will remain unobtrusive in your family life, why can't you do the same for them? Perhaps you can take all that wasted energy and do something progressive and useful with it, like plant some trees or teach your children how to be good people.

Because just as my mother never taught me to be gay, she certainly never taught me it was okay to discriminate against others for their harmless differences. Instead, she taught me this; to be compassionate and caring for others, to love, to laugh, to enjoy beauty and learn from pain, to find my passion and be proud of my accomplishments, to yearn for a better world dictated by peace and love, to seek knowledge and question everything, to stand up for what I believe in and remain strong when others try to knock me down, and above all else, that despite whatever differences and discrepancies lie on the surface, at our very core, we are all still human, we are all connected, so reach out a hand to your brothers and sisters of this spectacular world we all live on and just rejoice in the wonderment of being alive. rejoice in the wonderment of being you.

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It is a Choice... maybe if you are bisexual

Are you saying that you choose to feel sexual attractions only to your opposite sex? Because this means that you have the potential to fall in love with both sexes.
This is called bisexuality. Maybe you are bisexual and you don't know, it may be a reason. It happened to me. I couldn't understand how heterosexual people only loved the opposite sex and how homosexual people only loved the same sex. It was difficult to me to understand as it is for you, because I had the possibility to choose.

One can choose to have homosexual sex but not to be homosexual. As you cannot choose to be heterosexual. I am serious. A friend of mine tried to choose being homosexual but she couldn't because it was not her choice. She is heterosexual.

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RE: It,s a CHOICE!.......(I disagree)

Are you saying that homosexuality is like murder?!?! I have many Homosexual friends and speaking upon their behalf there is nothing wrong with homosexuality! They were born into it and shame on you for trying to deprive them of love and happiness!

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Homosexuality is NOT a choice. I am a straight teen born to gay parents and it's not their choice. They can't help that they love people of the same sex. Just like I can't help loving people of the opposite sex. You can CHOOSE to PRETEND and LIE about your sexual orientation, but that doesn't make it true, that doesn't make it a choice. Murdering and stealing is a choice, drinking, smoking, doing drugs, sex, bad parenting, those are ALL CHOICES. And bad ones at that. Are you saying being a flaming homosexual is a bad thing? The PERSON you are is a product of your choices and decisions, the PERSON you are is a product of nurture. But your sexual orientation is part of your nature, and it is absolutly not a choice.

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Not everything comes down to

Not everything comes down to decisions and choices. though we are lead to believe that we can do most anything we set our minds to that is not neccissarially the case. Our genes play a heavy role in who we are right now. you seemed to have missed this vital point. We are the products of our genes and environments aswell as our decisions and choices. if you are suggesting that choices are what make us who we are and all you need to do to get good grades is study, what do you make of people who are genetically predisposed to having learing disiblilities, regardless of the amount of study they may never be able to attain high grades. i suppose you are simallarly suggesting that alcoholism is a choice, though it is defined as an incurable (arguably genetically linked) disease. What makes homosexuality any differnt? humans are not the only animals which have the tendancy to be homo, hetero or bisexual. this must suggest a genetic liniage? our environment and genes combined with our ability to make decisions and ill say it, luck give us the product of who we are today, not meerly our choices

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Not so fast

You make no attempt to explain why it is a choice. You simply explain choices. There is still a lot of research that needs to be done. Based on your response, I would guess you're a heterosexual male. Since everything is a choice, why don't you choose to be gay for one year? Actually have a gay sexual relationship. Since you make things sound so simple, it shouldn't be a problem. Right???

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Choosing Something That Is NOT Appropriate

Suppose you choose to be an Alcholic for one-year. With some people the smell of alcohol makes them sick. I am actually that way. I am even that way when it comes to coffee. If I were told that I had to drink coffee for an entire year; no doubt within my first week, I shall have committed suicide.

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Not so fast yourself. The

Not so fast yourself. The person above, by describing it as a choice, is only half-baked. It would be more accurate to describe it as a preference, or ORIENTATION. Hence the term that has long been in existence. Certainly, we cannot really help what color we find ourselves most attracted to or what music we love the most (though there are chances of ENVIRONMENTAL and SOCIOLOGICAL factors that have chances of influence), why is sexual orientation any different then any other human predilection? Some people change their minds on sexual preference during the course of their lives! Sometimes, our tastes change just the same. At one point, I clearly remember my favorite color was black. Now it is pink. I used to hate seafood. Now I eat sushi and shrimp on a regular basis. There may be some influence from genetic markers but there are also environmental factors, and over all, by free choice. Because I have the make somewhat of a mental decision in my head when I say whether I like or don't like something, and it's entirely subconcious. A lot of factors go into these things. It cannot be purely genetic. Research has yet to prove under proper scientific method, or with results analyzed properly, to conclude this. What I have said is merely the most likely explanation of homosexuality. And this is all without including bisexuality, transexual tendencies, heterosexual crossdressers/transexuals, and a number of other such sexual things. When we start calling homosexuality genetic, why not throw those in? Or why not even something like fetishes? BDSM? Seriously.

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Neat stuff.

Seriously, I have 1 gay cousin. Well she was gay before she moved to Texas. Now she is not gay, perhaps genetic magic.

You need to ask yourself about your influences as a child. You need to recall how influences as a child helped you to come to the rock solid conclusion to be gay. There really is no scientific evidence that gay is in a persons genetic code. Even if allot of people are gay in a family simply means that this was the influence of the child when they were young.

I saw a boy go into a foster home gay and come out straight at the age of 6 to 9 years of age.

I need solid scientific proof other the fact that the media is forcing this on us like they do everything else. Now kids watch television at a very young age, see it and it influences them.

We are products of our environment that directly effect our environment and the environment of others. This is psychological theory of course because in all of psychology, it cannot be proven, just like this. But I do wonder still, if we can see an atom, why can't we seem to find this?

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lol texas

haha lol as if u wouldnt go straight if u go to texas good luck scissoring or bumin out there for too long