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Cocaine and the Nervous System

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Cocaine and the Nervous System

Elizabeth Damore

All drugs have a negative effect on the nervous system, but few can match the dramatic impact of cocaine. Cocaine is one of the most potent, addictive, and unpredictable recreational drugs, and thus can cause the most profound and irreversible damage to the nervous system. The high risk associated with cocaine remains the same regardless of whether the drug is snorted, smoked, or injected into the user's bloodstream. In addition to the intense damage cocaine can cause to the liver, intestines, heart, and lungs, even casual use of the drug will impair the brain and cause serious damage to the central nervous system. Although cocaine use affects many components of the body, including vision and appetite, the most significant damage cause by cocaine takes place in the brain and central nervous system.

Spanish explorers first observe South American natives chewing the cocoa leaf, from which cocaine is derived, when they arrived on the continent in 16th century. The South Americans chewed these cocoa leaves in order to stay awake for longer periods of time. Centuries after this initial discovery, Albert Neiman isolated cocaine from the cocoa leaf in 1860. Neiman used this extraction as an anesthetic. Over the ensuing years, cocaine use became increasingly common and was even sanctioned by doctors, who prescribed the drug to aid recovering alcoholics. Cocaine was even a key ingredient in such popular beverages as Coca- Cola. It was not until the long-term health problems associated with cocaine use emerged that the public realized that the drug was harmful and highly addictive (2).

Cocaine is a versatile drug which can be ingested in a variety of ways. In its purest form, cocaine is a white powder extracted directly form the leaves of the cocoa plant. However, in the modern drug market, pure cocaine is often tempered with a variety of substances in order to make cocaine more profitable for drug dealers (5). The most common way to ingest powdered cocaine is to inhale the drug through one's nasal passage, where the cocaine is absorbed into the bloodstream by way of the nasal tissues. Cocaine can also be injected directly into a vein with a syringe. Finally, cocaine smoke can be inhaled into the lungs, where it flows into the bloodstream as quickly as when injected into a vein. In 1985, crack cocaine was invented, which is the optimal form of cocaine for smoking (2). While most cocaine is created through a complex process requiring ether and other unstable and expensive substances, crack cocaine is processed with ammonia or baking soda. Crack cocaine has gained popularity as the drug is cheaper and provides a more potent immediate high than snorting cocaine (6). However, those who smoke cocaine run a higher risk of becoming addicted to the drug, as more cocaine is absorbed into the bloodstream through this method of ingestion (1).

Cocaine produces its pleasurable high by interfering with the brain's "pleasure centers" where such chemicals as dopamine are produced. The drug traps an excess amount of dopamine in the brain, causing an elevated sense of well being. Cocaine acts as a stimulant to the body. In turn, the drug cause blood vessels to restrict, increases the body's temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure, and cause the pupils to dilate (4). Cocaine also increases one's breathing rate. Cocaine causes such pleasurable effects as reduced fatigue, increased mental clarity, and a rush of energy. However, the more one takes cocaine, the less one feels its pleasurable effects, which causes the addict to take higher and higher doses of cocaine in an attempt to recapture the intensity of that initial high (1). In any case, a cocaine high does not last very long. The average high a user gets from snorting cocaine only lasts for 15-30 minutes. These highs are less intense, as it takes longer for the drug to be absorbed into the bloodstream when snorted. A smoking high, although more intense due to the rapidity in which the drug is absorbed into the bloodstream, lasts for an even shorter period of only about five to ten minutes (5). After the euphoric high comes the crashing low, in which the addict craves more of the drug and in larger doses (2).

Cocaine can cause serious long-term effects to the central nervous system, including an increased chance of heart attack, stroke, and convulsions, combined with a higher likelihood of brain seizures, respiratory failures, and, ultimately, death (2). An overdose of cocaine raises blood pressure to unsafe heights, often resulting in permanent brain damage or even. Coming down off of cocaine is highly unpleasant, as the user may feel nauseous, irritable, and paranoid. Also, in some cases, a sudden death may occur, although it is impossible to predict who could be killed suddenly by cocaine ingestion. Crack cocaine in particular heightens paranoia in its users, who have the more difficulty quitting the drug than other cocaine users (6).

Many studies have been done which analyze the impact of cocaine on the brain itself. By inhibiting the brains release of dopamine and other neurochemicals, cocaine can cause serious and often irreversible damage to neurons within the brain. In autopsies, cocaine users had a reduced number of dopamine neurons (7). When flooded with the excess of dopamine created during a cocaine high, the brain reacts by making less dopamine, getting rid of this excess, and shutting down the dopamine neurotransmitters, sometimes permanently. In turn, many cocaine users feel depressed once they go off of the drug, which makes cocaine is highly addictive. Many addicts report that they crave the drug more than food, and laboratory animals will endure starvation and electroshocks if they can still have the drug (3).

Cocaine is one of the most dangerous drugs for the central nervous system. As a powerful stimulant, cocaine increases the likelihood of many fatal nervous system malfunctions, including stroke. However, the high initially gotten from cocaine keeps its addicts looking for more, as this highly addictive drug can be difficult to quit. Also, as the neurotransmitters shut down and disappear, the user needs cocaine to create an artificial high. Cocaine can cause serious damage to the nervous system, as it eats away chunks of the brain and increases blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature, often for the rest of the addict's life.


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01/10/2006, from a Reader on the Web



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I think my daughter started snorting cocaine at the age of 13 & she’s 36 now. My question is? For her start has a teenager & still using now at the age of 36. Will this cause crazy behaviour: things she would never normally do? To make her think she’s the o r being disrespected? Also like threatening people who love & care for her. Does it make her think she’s not in the wrong. I am praying for her & that’s all I am able to do right now. She’s has gotten out of control. Not only that: their was an 18 year old guy who introduced my daughter to alcohol & started drinking at the age of 11: I didn’t know she was drinking. Top it off she missed 3 months of school do to drinking & the school never called or let me know at the end of the 3 months she wasn’t in school. Still to this day she doesn’t want to forgive what happened in her childhood. I am a Residential School Survivor & a Sixtiesscoop Survivor. When I was raising her by myself: I had a lot of anger & I didn’t know why I was full of anger. I have blocked out the Residential School trama experience & forget I blocked out until my real mother told me. I had so very much anger & rage too because the foster dad put his hand in my underwear & I woke up & he took his hand out & was playing with his private in front of me & than one of his sons asked if I wanted to have sex with him when I was 14. I really need to know: for her using for so long: would it make her very shelfish. I have to grandchildren & she just decided she didn’t want to take care of her children & left to another town. She really doesn’t show any love or care for both of them. The fact my granddaughter was born into this toxic relationship she got into with her parents for over 10 years. Now my grandson is an addict & I am so very worried for both of my grandchildren. I am more worried about my granddaughter: that she might get sexually abused by one of my daughter’s male companion. I am so scared & worried. I don’t want my granddaughter to go through what I went through. My mother was also a Residential School Survivor: I suffered because she was a Survivor & my daughter suffered because I am a Survivor & now my grandchildren are suffering. So? Is this why my daughter doesn’t love or show any care towards her own children. I have been praying. Still to this day my daughter has no respect & refuse to admit she has a problem & that constantly is blaming for own problems. I wasn’t the one at her house drinking or using. She’s been breaking my heart since she was 11 years old. Now I hear she talks about killing herself when she’s drunk & high. I myself have been suicidal: I know it comes with my childhood trama. I still get those thoughts on & off, especially when my daughter shows no respect for me. She’s very mean & I noticed when she’s drunk & high: that’s when unkind person behaviour comes out. Yes! I have tried to kill myself more than a dozen times. I am get counseling now & it’s helping. I do cry for my granddaughter: because I am so worried about her well being & safety. I have reported her 3 times about her & she knows how to make herself look good: she always makes me look like the bad person: because she doesn’t want to take the responsibility of her own actions & than she tells them: oh that’s just my crazy mom talking crazy. It isn’t. She’s the one that’s crazy & out of control. I am literally crying while I am telling you all this. She does make me feel unwanted, unloved, unimportant & that I am not a live to her. Keeps telling me I am disrespecting her. I know I am not: because she’s keeps disrespecting me & it hurts so very much. I get counseling once a week & I am releasing a lot of anger & pain slowly. I still struggle with alcohol. I have tried treatment Center & it was just too intense & deep. That it was setting off the sensory overload & my fibromyalgia. I let her & try to tell her. My mother is in heaven & I know she’s always with me & has helped relize things I never understand about myself when I became a teenager. At first when I found my mother: I moved to Chilliwack to find her. I started drinking at the age of 19 & now I understand why. It’s our bodies that remember the childhood trama. So how may I help my daughter out: I know her brain is very damaged. I myself need to take some new medication for my last attempt suicide sometime this year. I do think about: I don’t go through: because I need to be here for my granddaughter. I really want to be here for her. I let her know she may talk to me if she needs to talk. I definitely know she’s loved & wanted by me. I know she’s struggling already: because her mom abandoned her & leaving her with her dad who I know mentally & verbally abused her & has he did with my daughter has well & he beat my daughter up too when he was drunk: Everytime he got drunk. I have been just trying to stop this horrible cycle.

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Cocaine addiction

My daughter is a long time crack cocaine addict. She is 37 and she has used for more than 20 years. She smokes cigarettes constantly and also abuses alcohol. She is quite malnourished. Of course she has no job, no insurance and no money. Basically homeless. Stays wherever someone will allow for a day or so. She is completely unable to function. We have paid for numerous rehab stays but to no avail. We are now retired and can no longer afford to help. She cannot live with us( or anyone for that matter) as she sleeps all day and when she does get up she is nasty. She trashes her living space, swears constantly at us and throws objects at us. Today she called(we live in Florida now-she went back north when we kicked her out) and states that both her arms are very numb and tingly and wonders if she should see a doctor. She actually seems worried. What could be going on? Of course every time she goes to a doctor they read right through her and she gets no help as no one really cares for junkies like her. So they send her out, refer her to rehab(which she can’t afford) and then send a huge bill which she doesn’t pay. My question is. Is this serious enough to seek medical attention? And should she do so immediately?

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"Heal The Child From Within"

Medication or Institutionalization can't heal what's only fixable from within. A relationship/closer relationship with Jesus Christ is the only fucking way!!!

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Donna's Daughter

Donna your daughter is sick plain and simple! I have been there and slip once a year or so. It is a sickness that is lifelong and you must treat it(addiction) with all determination and if you have a higher power pray or meditate on that power. Do what ever you must to help her and do not give up. I have a friend who has been clean a decade or so she never gave up and received help from every source she could muster. My Dad always said"where there is life there is hope", so never give up! Continue to reach out to others, you are not alone

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Our lives are hard enough, Diseases have no preference who they attact. Yes, smoking, drinking, drugs, not caring for your body raises your risks!! But I know innocent people who did everything right and they got sick. I'm not perfect but I have been raped and I could of self medicated but I didn't because I knew that others were needing me to fight. I fight everyday and every night. It's not what I would of choose but I'm making it. It's made me stronger and has given me a stronger testimony to tell others. I'm sorry for all of you who hurt daily, I do not look down on you or pitty you I wish I could of been there to help. Your all beautiful amazing people, no matter What and do not let anyone tell you different!!!! Please!!! Lots of love to all of you!!! God Bless!!! Jennifer L I care!!!

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I.V. cocaine is a bad idea

my wife died friday morning from a cardiac arrest due to injecting cocaine. she and i had used huge amounts of cocaine and heroin in the past. we had close to $1000 a day habit combined. after we had children i cleaned up with a relapse here and there. the only thing that stopped her was rehab and prison. and we split up cause i couldnt handle being addicted, i preffered the love of my children. she loved pur kids too, but the drugs had her too bad. she went to prison in april 2013, she was released may 1 2016. she came back but i made it clear she needed to prove she could stay clean before she could come back to me and the kids full time. she did awesome then we got a call at 9:30 in the morning she was found in her car unresponsive in front of her job. she had injected cocaine and had a cardiac arrest. she was found at 9:00 a.m. they estimate she had been unconscience for 30 minutes. she was given cpr 2 times and put on life support.on 5/22/2016 at 3:38 pm after tons of test she was declared brain dead.

we have 3 children, (9,5,and 3). im searching all over the net trying to find out if she suffered. i truly love my wife, an i feel totaly lost now she is gone. she was only 35 years old and made a bad decision. i'm not mad at her, i understand that part of recovery is falling down and getting up, i've been there. i just am lost an dont understand. if anyone in the science world knows or has a theory of what she went through as she slipped away, please e-mail me DJCOYRIDDLE@YAHOO.COM subject line please put JAYMIE. she is the love of my life and i thought she finally got it after spending so long in prison.

if you know someone injecting coke, help them stop by all means,. she had friends that knew and didnt call or let us know. if i would have known she relapsed, i could have marchman acted her and i would still have my wife....

Serendip Visitor's picture

i am so sorry for your

i am so sorry for your loss.:(

:('s picture

I am so sorry

I am so sorry

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I've been using daily now for 6 odd years I'm in my mid twenties with a great job that I am good at and a lenient boss. I am always late for work have 1 or 2 days off a week and generally take the piss.
I do anything to get the coke powder and I convince myself that if I wanted to stop I could deep down I know I can't.
I'm having health problems now I used to be in really good shape well groomed nice skin etc and now I look like a mess my hair is receding I am fat my skin on my hands and feet are red and also swollen all the time and my knees are a really dark blue.
Also my neck is really starting to ache and all my bones at the joints seem to click so easily, is this related does anyone know?
I had a seizure 6 months ago and had another one today on my own I've done 7 gramsin two days of which I can neither afford or thought I would do the whole lot convinced myself I would make it last but gone two days without sleep and drinking throughout.
Has anyone got any tips on how to quit for good without the aid of rehab?
Also if anyone else experiencing the health issues I raised earlier ie the bones and swelling

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Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!!!

It's nothing in this world as powerful as the true healing power of Christ Himself. Grab a sheet of paper, pen, & glass dish. Write down everything and everybody who's subtracting from your life. Burn the son of a bitch while stating John 8:36 Who the son sets free shall free indeed. (3 times out loud) Flush the ashes good fucking bye bye!!!

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I did that same amount and I quit over a year ago. I found my relief through medicine prescribed from a doctor and finding a new high on a spiritual level. Doing everything that recovering alcoholics do helped me. Go to twelve step meetings. Have a home group. Help others. Have and maintain service positions. The biggest help I found when it all came down to I was faith. It worked for dwain the rock Johnson In the movie paint and gain. And it can work for anyone else if you decide to change everything about your life. It has to be your decision and no one else's though. Good luck man. I'll pray for ya.

Serendip Visitor's picture

Doing for 6 yrs and swollen knees

You sound a lot like someone that means a lot to me, and I had to pull away as every drug addict thar is heavy on thr usage usually manipulates and lies to get their fix, pushes ppl out that want to help, and is so lost that they dont value who values them, that way they end up hurting, as he did to me-- buT I cant say much becaus Iam a drug addict as well, in a siffetent levrl and really ready to quit but eas afraid it would push him away.. oh well now i see ny life is wirth it. Anyway, hope you are bot him, b3cause your talk is exactly what happens to him ... were yOu a vasketball player ?.

Serendip Visitor's picture

To Scared

Hello, This is rather late after you posted but I wanted to check in on you. I can tell you that at the rate you have been going you will only see more and more health problems, I did. Plus you know by now that the brain you posses that is addicted will say anything to you so that it gets what it needs. It will lie overtime about your ability to control your use but you will never be able to. You do need help and rehab is a good place to start or NA. Tell people around you who will hold you accountable and support you. Look into amino acid supplement to rebuild your brain chemistry. It is possible to heal. You can do it. Sending you you love. ~T

Rio's picture

Hello, please I stupidly

Hello, please I stupidly tried coccaine for the first time by sniffing it into my nostrils although a very small quantity. I didn't feel any effect the first two days after. Then the third day I developed fever but it cleared the next morning. I however noticed when I woke up that I wasn't feeling the same, I felt so tired and Completely out of strength, I tried to get up but my legs and arms were so weak. Although the symptoms reduced. I think I don't feel the same still. My sense of touch is abnormal, I can't feel my skin properly, I feel light when I walk also like I'm drunk. I just keep staggering about and my arms keep shaking. I am worried. I don't know if there's something I can do to bring myself back to normal. Your advice will go along way. Thanks.

Serendip Visitor's picture


Build a relationship with Christ or get closer to Him immediately, and please ask for forgiveness of all sins knowingly and unknowingly. If you're not saved, get saved by repenting and accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

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I was wondering is there a way to make a coke high come back after u do it besides doing more? I watched my friend do it and after a couple hours he did something and he said it was to make his high come back. I didnt believe him i just thought he had a psychosomatic moment.

Shelly's picture

cocaine overdose

Hi, about 4 months ago I accidently overdosed on cocaine. I've been docs and they did an ecg and took my blood pressure but I am scared still that I might die as I'm worried what other damage I've done to my body. I suffer tremendous panic attacks as I now know I could have died. my whole body at the time went quiet and then my heart raced so fast and hard
I will never touch it again but scared I am still at risk of dying. I was out with friends and didn't go hospital but saw docs a few weeks after the event. Any help will be appreciated. I'm not sure if the panic attacks are going to be with me for the rest of my life due to the overdose or if they are temporary because I'm scared that I still could die from what I have stupidly done to my body. Thank you

Serendip lurker's picture

panic attacks

your panic attacks are most likely a symptom of the PTSD you suffer resulting from a near death experience. If you are no longer using you should be fine, there is no danger. If the panic attacks continue without use of Cocaine or any other drug, you must be honest with your shrink and she/he will treat you for the panic

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It happened to me last year.

It happened to me last year. I a still have anxiety from it. Have you gotten any better?

ziga obojnik's picture

Same happened

Are you better now?

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YOU can stop.

Any of you out there have to have faith. I was addicted for years. I finally got so depressed that I tried to take my life a couple of times. I finally realized that I would never kick the habit as long g as I remained with my husband. I took the kids and went to live with my mother and prayed....a lot. I wouldn't leave the house for a month and wouldn't go anywhere without a person. Who didn't do drugs for two months..... as a safety precaution. I figured I had to surround myself with people who don't use so I won't be tempted....and it worked. A few months later I was tempted by an old "friend" that was willing to give me a huge chunk of Crack for free.... I refused.... I thought about it, but remembered how hard the first week was and didn't want to go through that again. I have been clean for 14 years and don't even think about it. Now, I just broke up with my boyfriend because I found out he had been doing meth....several times...because I cannot allow myself to fall into that trap. I forgave him the first 3 times I found out, but I am able to recognize the pattern. So I want all of you to know....YOU CAN do this.... praying helps a lot...Good luck.

bbybluz16's picture

I know what you went because

I know what you went because I did the same with God, lots of prayer, and the love and support of my family I now have over 4 years clean and my husband has over 3 years clean and we have 2 wonderful children with another daughter on the way. I'm so happy and our lives are a whole lot better since we got clean and off the crack cocaine. congratulations on your clean time and keep up the good work. form one recovering addict to another we can only keep what we have by giving away by trying to help another addict in active addiction that wants the help.

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mom smokes crack with me

I have been a user for years....a few years ago I spent probably close to 100000$ on crack....someone else's money but just the same...I was clean as almost a year due to I'm out going to school and work and somewhere along the way decided to get some mom joined in as she has before....I don't want to do this shit anymore....I feel, like I have to distance my self fro. Her but I live with my parents... how the hell can I get c.f. lean with a mother that uses on a daily basis...not crack...but she uses...crack was my idea...she had done it with me before I just don't Fucking know and I'm terrified of looking everything...someone help me help me.

Serendip Visitor's picture

what to do

Listen stop using excuses save yourself either you do whatever it takes to live or die doing it its not a joke #1 PRAY GO TO A GOD THAT DELIVERS NEXT TRUST BELIEVE HE WILL DO IT NEXT ACT TRUST HE HAS DONE IT THE ONLY WAY YOU WILL TRULY LIVEIS TO TRY jESUS IT WORKS

Will's picture

NA saved my life

Lived on the streets heavily addicted to crack/cocaine from the age of 17-20. Went to a 12-step program and made a SERIOUS effort, stayed clean 4 1/2 years.

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coke evil

i was doing coke from the age of 25 to 41 my life is shit coke is evil it takes away your drive for life takes away your family takes away any thing you like in your life you end up half the preson you use to be ive had many times in my life when i wanted to stop always said yea last time just one more line its never just one more line .
the money ive spent on this shit drives me crazy thinkin of what i could of done with the money instead the reason ive knocked it on the head is was so fucked off with not havin no money and just havin money for coke nothing else mattered thats the sad thing about this drug it takes over every normal thought you have and replaces it with get sum more dont worry about anything else .when your family dont want to no you when your wife leaves you when your at rock bottom wheres coke then dont do it it fucks you up so much
mike south london

Serendip Visitor's picture

it not to late

Stay strong and committed to living the best life you can. All we have is now. Start here and keep moving forward. Thats what I am doing .. month by month. Its stole enough of my life already.. I say.. NO MORE.
Love to you

Chris's picture

crack steals your lufe

I know Mike. It is so Evil. It tricks you into thinking that the next time will be different. Hang in there and never quit praying if you do that.

Serendip Visitor's picture

Quit while you can

Hi, i'm leaving this message in hopes to help anybody still using to quit. I quit using after i had a scare while snorting cocaine with friends; I thought id overdosed and felt like I was going to faint so my friends started heading to the hospital. On the way my high came down and I thought I was okay, but in the end the damage was done and I didn't even realize it for months. I managed to damage a small portion of my brain and destroy my nervous system over time. For months I was in so much pain I considered suicide every night. Every day i"m in worse pain and the only reason I bear blinding headaches, breathing problems, vision problems, pains all over, inability to take in anything with sugar/adrenaline, etc. is so that i can wake up see the few people that keep me going. I destroyed my whole life a drug I used at most 20 times... best of luck to all of you.

Serendip Visitor's picture

Lies. This was not all caused

Lies. This was not all caused by a line of blow way back when. You have an underlying condition very clearly. Smh

Serendip Visitor's picture

You can heal

Check out a book called The Diet Cure, written by a nutritionalist who worked in rehab centers for years. Amino Acids can heal your brain. The book explains how. Dont give up. You can heal.

Serendip Visitor's picture

I have the same problem I

I have the same problem I can't eat sugar like I use to. Has it gotten any better for you?

Elisha's picture


How do you know you damaged a small portion of your brain? If you don't mind me asking. I took it a few times one night with vodka and I still have the symptoms. After the depression (comedown) I remember a charge feeling at the back of my head now I have to go for tactile stimulant sessions as the doctor thinks I have PTSD from it and therefore the physiological effects are now trapped in my nervous system, my body aches too. I can't live like this forever like you can!! Gosh you're strong!! X

kerrie's picture

my son's on cocaine

I need help trying to figure out what to do to help him. He is 19 and says he doesn't have a addiction to it but I feel like he does. He almost lost his life in a car accident and I found out he had cocaine in his system. Then ended up in the hospital again 4 months later from drinking and doing it. He just recently started to get hives was having trouble breathing and thought he was dying. I found out he had done it again. He tells me it as only his 3rd time but I know better than that. He refuses to get help and we don't know what to do or how to deal with it.we can't take much more of his lies or his reactions to what we say to him. He flies off the handle every time we mention him being on drugs. He has no respect for his dad or me. We were in a car accident a few days ago and he was concerned for the first couple of days but now he wants to argue with me even after he knows I am trying to recover from a concussion and a strained neck and back.I went through his phone because we paid the bill and he is under our roof so I feel I have every right to. He got so pissed at me and started to argue with me. I'm afraid he will put his dad and or myself in an early grave as his dad has high blood pressure due to all the stress we have been through over the last year. Our son only seems to care about his self and no one and I mean no one else, as long as he gets what he wants he is fine. He sells everything he has to get money since I told my husband that if he continues to give him money I will have to leave because it's just enabling him to do what he does. He has no job and I know he owes people money.anyone who can help please do so and thank you in advance.

:('s picture

Have him read some of the

Have him read some of the overdose stories online, even comments here. I am a 40 year old mother that has injected for over twenty years off and on. I have od'd and had massive seizures and heart infections and abscesses. I also can rarely leave my house and have various diseases and disorders ( not hiv or hep). My tolerance is insane and I have been close to death many times. I love my son so much and would die if he knew any of this about me. Yet there I was last night with a needle in my arm. And did too much. Almost 911'd and really should have. I was sitting and had to have my bf co e hold my legs because I was sure there were shaking all over the place( he said they weren't) and I had to look upwards because if I looked straight ahead my eyes went left right so fast I could not focus and couldn't see. If I looked up and tried to focus hard I could slow the. Down slightly. That was over twelve hours ago and I am in so much pain. I can barely move, I assume that my leg muscles tightened so hard that they feel like this. Everywhere really. Like after a bad seizure. My vision sucks today and my eyes still feel like they are shaking. It was and still is horrifying. Will this be enough to stop me? Doubt it :( do I want to stop? Of course.

Tell your husband each time he gives him money to put some in a jar marked Sons Funeral Fund. Leave him if you have to. He needs to k ow this isn't a joke. Clean out your sons room other than some dirty ripped clothes and cardboard. Seriously. If he keeps it up tell him he has to move out or pay rent. And if he wants to stay then weekly drug test. Witnessed. Believe me we fake those tests easily. So if you don't actually see the urine leave the urethra it could from anyone..

I know this is an old post, but I hope things got better

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your son

while reading your post about your son and his addiction that he can not yet and may never admit to anyone... I have two siblings that have done just this same and diffrent drugs. PRAY and never stop. Do not waste your money on his bills he may be your baby but trust me you can't do anything but pray for him. Trying to force him to admit it or try to send him for help will not do any good. Let him stay or make him leave is of course only a choice you can make. My mother still deals with this crap. My father has been gone for ten years now there was never a night my father was not worried about were my siblings were laying their head down but the harsh reality is when my mom finally stopped giving them what they wanted or felt she had to do for them. She no longer has to worry she still loves and prays for them but one sibling is in rehab and the other is married and has a home this one is still using. I cant count how many times we heard i have changed after they set in jail for long periods of time to come out and do the same thing all over again. I pray for your son and all people who have an addiction that can or cannot admit it. I watched these things as i was a young child. it showed me the person i never wanted to become do not hand over any cash because i can almost bet the same amount that they want is what they spend on the drug..... " mom /DAd i was at so and so house and i lost the money or someone stole it from me" exscues after exscues i have heard some of the craziest stories in my life from those two.

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your son

A mothers love is a powerful tool, no mother wants to see her child on drugs like this its heart breaking , but in order to help him you are going to have to let him go you are makeing it worse by allowing him to come home n have a place to take things , this is not cruel but the best help you can give your son let him go dont give him money close your doors let him stay out there until he's tired and evan then dont let him back in your doors tell him to call you from a rehab , pray about it ask god for strength and to cover him n let him go before it gets any worse god bless

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my son's on cocaine

I need help trying to figure out what to do to help him. He is 19 and says he doesn't have a addiction to it but I feelike he does. He almost lost his life in a car accident and I found out he had cocaine in his system. Then ended up in the hospital again 4 months later from drinking and doing it. He just recently started to get hives was having trouble breathing and thought he was dying. I found out he had done it again. He tells me it as only his 3rd time but I know better than that. He refuses to get help and we don't know what to do or how to deal with it.we can't take much more of his lies or his reactions to what we say to him. He flies off the handle even time we mention him being on drugs.

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Son On Cocaine

I am very sorry that you and your family are going through this. I have been there and I know that you really can't achieve sobriety until you are honest with yourself and you admit that you have a problem. However, sometimes with a little prompting (intervention and prayer) people can achieve sobriety.
The anger he displays is the drug or drugs. It is alright that he gets angry because that shows he still has a conscience, it is when he stops reacting that should worry you because that means he has given up himself to drugs and does not care anymore and then there is not much hope because then he may not have much time left, he may die from the drug or drugs.
I believe that after prayer you folks should stage an intervention and commit him to some sort of a treatment program. He will resent you folks in the beginning but after awhile when he experiences the sweet taste of sobriety he will not turn back. Please stay strong and seek the Lord in prayer if you believe.
In the mean time I will pray that the Lord blesses you all.

Stay strong


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About our son on cocaine

Our son was addicted to crack cocaine, other drugs and alcohol from the time he was a teenager until the age of 37. My wife and I (married since 1969) had tried EVERYTHING, including calling the cops to our home where they found illegal narcotics and arrested our son. He went to jail but started using again when he got out. The emotional and financial devastation has taken a huge toll on our lives but our hearts break for our son - who has been robbed of his health and decades of what could have been a productive life - all because of choosing to use and hanging with friends who did. We've always been close with our son and it hurt him to see us worry, but the grip of addiction was too strong for him to quit. Three years ago he hit rock bottom; he lost his job, his girlfriend, his money, and his health. Praying to Jesus, we were led to contact James Knuckles at CITY TEAM in San Jose, CA, and God has worked a miracle in our son. He agreed to go through the year long program at CITY TEAM and has remained clean and sober since March 15, 2013. He has a full-time job now and a wonderful fiancé. Our son tells us how great it is not being controlled by a substance and he celebrates every day of his sobriety. To you who read this post, I ask that you please stay strong and seek the Lord in prayer, just like Sarge wrote in the post above. May God encourage your heart as you read the Bible and cry out to Him in prayer. God is our help for today and our hope for tomorrow; He cares about what you're going through. A fellow pilgrim on this journey through life, Craig

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Thank you for posting, I feel

Thank you for posting, I feel so alone in this, I combat the majority of these feeling constantly and the craving always seems to get the better of me. Last year my recreational habit turned into a habit of a ruined lifetime. I lost my job my friends, my relationship was unbelievably destructive an within all of that I completely lost myself. And still now ill never no if ill get all of me back. I was doing at work, around family, special occasions. I become so self destructive and blinded by the white powder, the extent of my problem was elusive to me. I was spending at least 500 or more a month. I nearly lost my house over this past year and I am paying off a lot of debts. I managed to take hold of my problem, however it Lingers so closely over me and I'll have a good few weeks and slip. This month has been terrible, yesterday I spent my last 50 pound last night on a gram. I feel pathetic and ashamed, guilty I just want it to stop. I fear ill either die unless I stop this craziness that eats away at me. I've done well to get this far, I just want it to stop, does it? Will it??? I've been taking drugs for since forever and over the last few years I only remember a couple of occasions that I went at least a month without doing anything. I wish I had never touched this drug.

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My friend, I have been clean only a couple of months now, but I feel like I won the lottery. All I can say is you cannot do it alone, reach out to any rehab organization that you may find. Reach out to the church or a friend who has clean time but reach out. For me it was my higher power (God).

I was in the depths of despair and I did not care anymore, I believe it was just a matter of time before I would have ended it! I remembered what my Dad used to say "Son where there is life there is hope"! He was right, my friend if you need someone to pray for you I am here. Do not give up.

I have gone from selling every thing of value, to starting a new job in the construction industry. I have replaced all of those "friends" who disappeared after the dope was gone. I read the bible daily and worship my higher power, the same way I worshipped the crack pipe. I can now say life is good as God is good!

Drop me a line some time and we can talk and declare war on addiction!

God bless you and stay tough!


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Horrible and cunning drug. Sarge get in touch name is Chris. My email is

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I have slipped many times and I am currently in an outpatient program. But, I also am still fighting, enrolled in school among other things.

Carlton I. Sargent II

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Cocaine is not your friend

Hello I was just on the computer and came across this blog about cocaine; I have witnessed the strong impact this drug can have over our mind and will. I found great insight by reading many of your inputs; all I can say is the best cure is JESUS CHRIST. I seen many come out of rehab and end right back on it, regardless of being influenced by others or not. Casting all of your cares on God for He cares for you, and if you truly believe, He will give you the desires of your heart. He is close to us when we are at out worst, so cry out to Him, for He wants so much to help you. I love you all especially the one that are going thru this addiction; there is hope today, trust and believe in God, He is still on the throne and He still works miracle, I will be praying for you guys, with all my heart Amen

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the devils drug

make no mistake this drug is in my opinion the most powerful of all drugs and im saying this based on living with someone who was a hard core user. the urge to use is so intense that the addict will cross any bounderies to get it, stealing , lying , cheating, manipulating, it all takes place and the addict looses all sense of morals and values, repeating the same behaviors over and over with no sense of remorse, sorry is just a word that carries no weight or substance as the addict is in the pursuit of his next hit. crack cocaine is so powerful because the high is so short lived craving for another hit and another hit trying to attain the initial high that will never be duplicated unless more is used. Its a vicious cycle , the crack addict will hurt and destroy peoples lives leaving the victim with an overwellming amout of emotional, financial stress and crack cocaine definately makes chronic users violent in which case can bring on physical abuse. In my case i was left homeless , do yourself a favor walk away before one of you dies. You cant combat this monster alone, most people who dont get help end up in jails, institutions or dead

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I have a 40 yr. old daughter who is complaining of hand pain. She has jerky movements. She is alert and talks ok . Eyes are shiney like cat eyes. I'm really worried about her , she won.t go to the er. What can I do ? what do i do ?

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well honey it sounds like she

well honey it sounds like she is on acid or she is on coke or weed