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Serendip Posts and listening

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I want to write a little about the postings and how I think they could work better. Today, I found myself really wanting to read what my classmates posted about in relation to the past week and to our field trip yesterday. I quickly realized how much of their voices I was missing out on because I hadn't had the time to read them all. I think by this point we've all felt drained with all of the information and emotion we've experienced. The readings and the classes have been as Michaela said "heavy." Today, I found that a lot of what I've been feeling has some interesting connections with other people in the classroom and I would love the opportunity to explore them all. I want to respond to, read and connect to everyone's stories but I feel like I have a lack of time.

So, I think is post is really asking the question of how can we use serendip postings more effectively to truly encourage dialogue? Are we doing the same thing we've talked about before of just writing our posts (for the grade) but not for the learning? I do think that a lot of it has to do with how much we're required to post a week for each class. I would like the opportunity to silence my own voice more often if it means I get the time to really pay attention to what my peers write about. 

Any thoughts?



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don't know the best solution

don't know the best solution but definitely hope to read more on serendip.

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I agree! I wonder if our

I agree! I wonder if our professors will read these comments and take them to heart, though. In what seems to me to be a pretty limited spectrum of "academic" writing (not on any particular person's part, just in terms of what's generally accepted in school), I wonder where these more personal (dare I say more honest?) postings written not by a distinguished scholar, but by ourselves and our peers, fit in. I've definitely learned more from what people have written here than I necessarily have from any particular reading, and I wish that reading everyone's posts fit into the rigid terms of "homework" or "class reading".

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Yes! I agree!

Today, I found myself, for the first time, truly reading my classmates posts and they were amazing!  I learned a lot and started thinking about a few things from a different perspective (very confused about how I feel about our field trip now...) I know, if I'm being honest, I find myself generally rushing my posts every week.  I would love if we could consider serendip class reading and have less assigned readings or if maybe we could maybe switch off between posting our own thoughts and responding every week....I don't know the best solution but definitely hope to read more on serendip.