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So I'm starting an Environmental Club?

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On the last day of school my principal had some great news as I was getting ready to leave for the summer.  Rosemary, I am able to get you a supplemental for your Environmental Club. This was great news to me except I really didn't have an Environmental Club. I had students pick up the recycling and clean up the outdoor classroom but it wasn't a club with meetings. For the past 12 years my students have been roaming the school on a daily basis looking for work to do. Teachers would then give them tickets as pay for their services. These tickets increased their opportunity to win a scholarship to Whale Camp.Last year I added environmental issues around the school  as part of the jobs available.This year I'll use this club to try some water monitoring around the school. If I can train these kids outside of my class I can use them as helpers if I decide to add this to my curriculum.I think I have finally found my project!


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Your principal recognized

Your principal recognized your commitment to the environment and your decision-making and leadership ability. And always remember that we are all students and we are all teachers.