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 A great starting point for service based learning is a group called EarthForce. They have a wonderful staff who are willing to come to your school and work with your students. This year one of my students won a $250 grant to clean up our outdoor classroom. This is a great way to start your classes thinking about how they might take care of this place called Earth. Check out their web site at .

Talking about the standards, PCEE, Pennsylvania Center for Environmental Education had a great web site with the Question of the Week. Every week they posted a different question whic hhad links to student friendly web sites where students could go to search for answer.The next week they would post the answer and the names of the students who had answered the questions correctly.I would go to that site every Monday, my kids loved seeing their name in print and I gave them 5 points extra credit for every correct answer. Use this link to get to that web site.