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My Thoughts

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I do not believe that everything we see is a construction of the mind. People think and behave differently due to different environments, circumstances, upbringing, and experiences that force them to develop different mindsets. If everything is a construction of our minds, and all of us think differently, then we should all see different things. This is the same reason why people have different dreams, as dreams are a reflection of our state of mind at a particular time. But if we all think differently, why do we share the same reality? Since I do not have a scientific explanation for this, I would like to draw light upon the philosophy of Hinduism, which says that all suffering arises from our false conception of the self. It is from this idea of the self from which ego arises. There is no “I”, instead “we” are all part of the universal soul. According to Hinduism, we are born to suffer and pay for the sins of our past lives. Once we have paid for these sins, we attain moksha or freedom from rebirth or freedom from being attached to a physical form; we become part of the universal soul. I think that this philosophy makes sense because if we are all part of the same universal soul, that would mean that we share the same mind and therefore the same reality.