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lost post

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i just realised that this post never showed up -- i guess it got lost?

tim burkes visit to class was an interesting one, not because of anything he said, but because of the way he went about doing so. it seemed like he was a breathing version of his blog - a monologue. he seemed so caught up in what he was saying and how relevant it was that a lot of the actual substance behind his words seemed to get lost. there were moments in which he threw in a joke or a random comment, and those honestly were the only times my mind snapped awake and i remember what he was saying.. maybe its just the way i function, but having someone speak to you and not just in front of you seems to make all the difference to the amount you absorb from what they are saying.

having read his blog, and listened to him, i know that he seems to be very intelligent, im not trying to be derogatory, its more amusing to see - maybe the blog shapes us more than we shape it?


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