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I am the mosaics

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My time in the Magic Gardens seemed like a blur, a mesh of everything mixed together. I didn't remember many specific things, just a mass of beauty. So I put all these pictures together, upside down, sideways, every way possible, which was as close as I could get to a visual representation of my thoughts while there. I felt like I was part of the art of the Gardens while I was in them, so it seemed fitting to place a picture of myself reflected back in some of the mirrors front and center.


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Natalie described her mosaic

Natalie described her mosaic to me as "scrambled." By looking at the piece, I definitely see that. The mosaic is composed of images that are rotated to different degrees, that are many different sizes, and that overlap each other. Still, there is a sense of structure in the way they overlap; the images Natalie considered most important are larger and less obstructed by the other pictures. This structure highlights the photograph of Natalie's reflection in the mirror.Using the material (the many pictures) of the mosaic, Natalie created a mosaic of Zagar's mosaic. In this way, she shows how overwhelmed she was by the many different parts of Zagar's mosaic (Zagar's mosaic covers walls, stairs, doors, and ceilings), yet still gives the viewer a unique perspective: the parts of the Magic Garden that Natalie found moving.