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Reviewing and Reviving

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It’s been a while since I’ve heard such words used to describe my interior and exteriors. Most visitors on this side are silent, reflective; these are analytical and there are lots of them. I do not resent visitation, even if only because doing so is futile. But I am a development in and of myself, only an abstraction of human will with the tools of nature at their disposal. I act, I react, I will myself into a tame type of exhibit for their primordial senses. I exist as an example to this tiny collection, but my essence comes from clouds and oceans. I know what salt water tastes like; I know what it is like to rush down a cliff with all the force of physics behind me. I know chemicals; I am not unsoiled. I know it in collection; I know it as every raindrop knows the endless cycle of repetition that water follows. 

Nomilazation, a la Andrew Goatley:

Descriptions of interiors and exteriors are created.

Silence descends from past visitors;

analysis ascends from current ones.

No resentment of visitation from me, as resistance is futile.

Existence is a development of nature’s tools and human will.

Action, Reaction, I do.

For human primordial senses, willing action occurs in me.

Existence of me as example for them;

Existence of me for me originates in clouds and oceans.

Sat water tastes are known.

Chemicals are known, unsoiledness is not.

Knowledge exists in collection; knowledge exists in water’s endless cycle.