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The Fifth Loop

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The brain as an empirical inquirer - Loop 1

The bipartite brain and a second loop (conversation between unconscious and conscious, "reflection")

A third loop: conversations between people, looking for differences

A fourth loop: society/culture as collective stories that individuals can both contribute to and draw from, again looking differences


Is that all there is?  Could there be something else that affects our behavior?  In almost all cultures there is a general belief that there is some unknown entity(s) or force that influences the behavior of humans.  Is it possible for our brain to be able to “sense” or perceive this entity, if it does exist?  How?  When we constructed our story of how the brain works we included the notion that there is a certain amount of randomness.  Could this randomness actually be the result of this entity/force trying to interact with us?  The unconsciousness absorbs subliminal messages without the awareness of the consciousness. The eye absorbs different wavelengths of the electro-magnetic spectrum,not only visible light.  Again, the consciousness is not aware of this.  Could humans be affected by by this entity/force in a similar process?


In ancient times any type of problem (lack of food, extreme weather, etc.) was attributed to the anger of gods.  In our society we can explain these problems with science.  Do we still need to believe in some entity that exists outside our realm of living?  Do we still need to blame something that we have no control over, when bad things happen?  God, fate, destiny, luck?

If there was a fifth loop would it look something like this ?:

fifth loop



Notice that we are in the center of all the loops.  If our brain is constructing reality for us, then we are the center of our private universe.  Everything else revolves around us.


What do you think?







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