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Reflection on revising essays--spontaneous thoughts

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Honestly revising my previous paper took me longer time than writing it for the first time. The first time I didn't write a very argumentative essay, and I was just persuading people to "wake up and think about nature". But then, after I revise the paper, I had a clear thesis, arguing nature has the ultimate power that surpass that of human beings.

I tried to aim to perfect, and I want to explain every point clearly--at least seem clearly to myself--and I did...and then, it becomes tedious. I am still happy, because I felt like doing something right, and when I read the paper again, I feel like it is really becoming clearer.

Shengjia's advice inspired me--I could be MORE specific. If I concentrate on the first aspect I was talking about, the essay would not need to be divided in three parts, and therefore would become more concentrated, concrete, focused. I could just try to undermine anthropocentric views with more reasoning and fewer examples. I should learn to give up something--although I really didn't want to.

Reading each others' essays really helped me a lot, and I hope my suggestions could also be helpful to my dear classmates! :)