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My thoughts are fractured and fracturing. My visit to the moon bench (where I will remain for the rest of the semester) wasn't memorable, to say the least. While I was sitting there I was aware that there was a storm brewing somewhere off the coast, and it seemed appropriate. The weather is cold and nasty, it has transformed my mood which was initially one of lightheartedness into one reflective of the storm, dark and gloomy. Sarah C's post stands out to me because she has found "a gateway to Mother Earth herself." I would love to visit the duck pond, maybe we could go as a class? I feel like I need to reconnect to the Earth and nature, even while I was sitting outside in the midst of it I did not feel connected to it. I felt very distracted, and I think my gameplan for next week will be to try and continue to find ways to connect with the Earth. Rather than change my spot on campus I would like to try and change my perspective or mindset when visiting my spot and see how this changes it.



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mindset is important but not everything

Yes, it's a lot about finding a way to open up to what's there. And, there are some spots which are particularly strong for connecting with nature's energies. It's a whole practice. If the Moon bench called you intially, there must be something for you there.

I'd be happy to coordinate an expedition to the Haverford Duck Pond for anyone who wants! Probably a bit too far/complicated to get the whole class there during class time. (Maybe not!) I love it.

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I would love to go to the

I would love to go to the Haverford Duck Pond. The whole class could just ride the blue bus.