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Strawberry Fields (DNA) Forever

RecycleJack Marine's picture

OK, Mr. Franklin, I missed your strawberry DNA extraction. It's not that I don't find this an interesting subject, it's just that "something got in the way" this morning. I do wonder if my genes or my influence will have an altering effect on my children's habits and behaviors over the course of their lives. I know that my DNA gave both of my teenagers their flat (large) feet and curled toes. I know that my wife's DNA gave our son Max his blue eyes and our daughter Dakota has my brown eyes. Max has recently found new ways to "harness" his appearance to perpetuate an attractiveness to the opposite sex. Is that because of different body shapes originating from our combined (my wife's and my) DNA?

There is going to be a Mind Body Spirit Expo in Philadelphia in October of this year. Do we get our mind, body and souls(spirit) from how DNA is deposited into our bodies, or do we depend on our environment to create these combinations? How will Max and Dakota's life journeys turn out? Max says that we made a lot of mistakes in the way we raised him, and that who he is- is based on his own sculpting. But I know better and that it will hit him at various juntures in his life's travels that we did have positive influences which are, and will be parts of his mind, body, and spirit.