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My Education, Class, and Thoughts on our Discussion

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When I first started to write about my education, I automatically knew that I wanted to write about some of my education outside of the classroom and school, partially because I feel that that part of my education has shaped who I am as a person more than my education within the classroom. I also feel like we have the semester to get to know each other within the classroom, but not necessarily as individuals around and off campus. (Even though, I know Anne is only one who is reading our papers as of yet). After thinking about what I chose to write about, I now wish that I had included a few more things that were central to my education growing up so I am definitely looking forward to the rewriting process for this paper.

While I was writing and even now afterwards, I’m still not entirely sure about the role of my class in my education. I think it’s affected my education in perhaps more subtler ways. For instance, I know that my family’s class has helped enable me to go to independent schools for the majority of my life, but with full disclosure, I’ve only been able to do so with a lot of financial aid and now with some of my own money. My mom was and still is a huge influence on me because she was primarily a stay-at-home mom - which results completely from my family’s class - and therefore able to be more involved with my life. Actually, I’m now thinking that my family’s class has had a very overt role in my education. All of this is a bit muddling, but I’m definitely glad to be thinking about these topics and simply being more aware. I know that I can forget in the hustle and bustle about these huge issues in our society and how it affects all of us at a very personal level.

 I’ve been thinking a lot about our discussion in class on Thursday. I was definitely feeling the same unease in regards to class that was brought up earlier. I think JHarmon and S. Yaeger did a great job articulating that discomfort. For me, I think it also has something to do with the fact that we’re still all basically strangers to each other and I learned growing up that there were some topics that were rude to discuss with strangers, such as class and money in general.

The comments in regards to gender and how it possibly doesn’t matter anymore have also stuck with me. To be completely honest, I was a bit horrified when I heard that. I’m terrified to think that sexism and patriarchy have become so mainstream that they’re invisible to some, especially to those at an all-women’s college. I was also a bit confused. I was wondering if the individuals were speaking about gender in general, or just gender in regards to sex, sexism, and patriarchy. I am a firm believer that gender in general is one of the most powerful forces that shape us as individuals and as a society. I also see sexism (as well as all other –isms) in all parts of our society. I can see how it’s become subtler in some aspects, but I definitely think sexism still exists, even in one-on-one interactions between people.