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I am trying to find out which animals are native to the City of Philadelphia. From my own experience I know that the ground species are gray squirrels, raccoons, opossums, field rats, field mice, deer, rabbits, garter snakes, groundhogs, and chipmunks.

Online I found that the PA Game Commission has held seminars this summer to discuss animals native to this area. I know the game commission officer who led the workshop, so I plan to contact him for details.  


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Day one reflection

This year's Science and Sense of Place has some sililarities and differences from last summer's institute. Thinking about my place in the world allowed me to focus on my recycling others and others who do the same. Last year I focused on where I was in my childhood, this year where I am today.

As I drove here this morning, I passed a hubcap in someone's trash, from a VW vehicle and it reminded me that there are many things that can be used that are trashed. But it also was a "label" of things that are part of a another thing also return to their original location. A hubcap can really travel far from their “resting place” as can humans. But most of us return to where we started from.

I am sure Anne will post these ideas: These are references for our personal maps:\.

1. We start with our own experiences. 2. What we expect for the future. 3. Connections to others. 4. Influences. 5. History. 6. Spiritual. 7. Family

I thought these were great ideas and they make sense!

I am really looking forward to creating my own Blog! Maybe we’ll understand what they are when we’re finished.

Last year’s Grade 4 PSSA pilot test asked a lot of environmental questions. So this year I am certainly going to focus these questions to my students. You planted an idea in me today- How can I define the ECOSYSTEM at our school? This is an important term that I think most students in Philadelphia do not connect with. I am going to focus my research on this concept….