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Fish for Invertebrates

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I went fishing west of Pottstown in Oley, Pa at a beautiful place near a stream, farmhouses, and small mountains- It was breathakingly beautiful. I caught a giant sunfish, and my friend caught four small trout. We threw all five fish back. I also caught several moths and one caterpillar to feed to my gecko. Although this place is 48 miles from my neighborhood, I still feel like it's part of the place where I live. After all, I wouldn't drive out of my comfort zone to go fishing for a few hours.. 

As we walked to the car I saw a wolf spider near the stream and caught it in my insect net! I brought it home and planned to make a habitat for it, but the heat and humidy killed it. Now I can use it in a new insect mount. I will extend higher order thoughts are my students research "local spider varieties" .

 Maybe wolf-spiders are also native to wet areas in the Philadelphia area.

 My tomato garden is exploding with ripe fruits! So too, the groundhog who lives under my shed noticed this! I found him near a hole in the fence earlier today.


Time to ready that live-trap I bought on ebay!



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Had a fun time I see.

Glad to hear you had a good time. We usually take our fishing kayaks down the river about 10 miles, and camp with them. It is beautiful once you can escape the everyday noise. You never realize how much "noise" it is that you really hear until you are away from it for a day or two. You dread coming back!

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Sounds great!

That is great! Sounds like you had an amazing time and I am glad to hear you threw back all the fish :-)