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Speaking "OUT"

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Hi friends,

I know tonight is our last night of class, and you may no longer be checking the Serendip conversation posts anymore.  That being said, there is a post in our conversation that I think really merits more discussion.  That post is jmorgant's post "OUT" and the replies it garnered.  I think that the conversation about choice that resulted from the original post just kind of dwindled out, which is a huge shame, because it is not only an important conversation for us to have -- it is necessary for us to understand.

I am choosing to post anew rather than to respond to the original post in the hope that more of you will see this and join me in continuing to discuss it.  

As far as my perspectives go, I was blown away by the comments made by Christine.  Her story highlights the lack of choice faced by survivors as well as the extent to which lack of understanding regarding rape and sexual assault is ingrained in our minds and the system.  As a society, we need to strive to gain a better understanding of rape and sexual assault and what survivors are going through.  We cannot discount the witness that survivors share.  Let's keep talking.