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The Power of Perspective

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Hi everyone! I’m Gavi. I’m a Haverford sophomore and a likely English major. I am also so psyched to be taking this class. 

I was really struck when, in the conversation we had after reading the higher education timeline and the Wilchins excerpt, Anne commented on the timidity of our visions for the future. This comment forced me to consider my position both in the classroom and outside of it, as a student and as an activist. I’m taking this course because I’ve been interested in gender and sexuality issues for years, and I want an education that prepares me to discuss these issues in a critical, academic manner.  Often, though, I operate in this false dichotomy where I separate my academic life from my nonacademic one. Sometimes, this means that I’m more restrained in class. My comments are more reserved and I’m careful not to stray too far from the direction the class is generally moving toward...

...Maybe my reasons behind this classroom behavior are to avoid ruffling academic feathers or to conserve class cohesion. But these reasons makes no sense and are just generally lame, especially when discussing issues of gender and sexuality, issues regarding which I can be very vocal outside the classroom. I realize that I will be a better student and a better activist when I can synthesize critical thinking and unconstrained action. So hopefully, my visions for the future will (in the future) be a lot less timid.