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Some information about Dada

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The word ‘Dada’ is strange for me. When I read it, the word seems meaningless and is onomatopoetic. After I read the article, I found some information about this movement. I’m interested in the link between art and the war. Artists who started Dada wanted to use this movement to express their feeling, their weariness and horror against the WW1. Those people worked against the main stream, because they thought the main stream thoughts reflected the ideas of persons who caused the war. The attitude was negative to everything. They gave up the logic, and wanted to destroy. The obvious person in the movement I noticed is Hannah Hoch, a German Dada artist. Actually at that time, many male members in the movement believed ‘paid lip service to women's emancipation’, it was not easy for her to take part in. In her work, she expressed not only the idea of Dada, but also the idea of feminism.


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Hannah Höch, A self portrait by the German artist Hannah Höch, c.1926 

Hannah Höch, Cut with the Dada Kitchen Knife through the Last Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch in Germany