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Exquisite Corpse

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The exquisite corpse was a parlor game in which people would work together to write a story. There were several versions of exquisite corpse each of which having different rules; for some, each person would write one word and then fold the paper so that the next person could not see the word they wrote. In other games, people would write lines, and cover half of the line before the next person began writing. The surrealist movement eventually adopted the exquisite corpse game. Surrealists worked together to create pieces of art that they believed were exploring the subconscious and collective unconscious. 

On another note, I watched the movie "The Exquisite Corpse Project." It was much longer than the ten minutes we were supposed to spend doing research so I won't write about it. Check out the trailer if this sounds interesting to you, and if you watch the movie, I'd love to chat about it.