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Confessions of a Clock Watcher

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 As a notorious clock watcher I have to say that I have not glared down the clock once in Non-Fiction Prose.  For those of you unfamiliar with clock watching it is the practice of giving your undivided attention to the timepiece on your wrist or on the wall in an attempt to make time pass faster.  But to say that I have not been clock watching makes it seem that this class is only entertaining, which it is, however more importantly it is educational.  I have seriously changed the way I read, write, and interact with my peers as a result of this class.  The reading selections have prompted members of the class to engage and respond not only to the text but also to one another in our class discussions.  On several occasions the class discussions have turned very heated and I think that it is important for all of us to remember, myself included, that even if we do not agree with another's viewpoint we should be respectful of that person's position.  The only serious problem I have with the course are the class notes.  I am regretful of the fact that I spent one of our class sessions trying to document who said what, to whom, and the content of their discussion instead of actively listening to the discussion.  My favorite thing about this class is the attempt to become more "educatable", I love that term and I think it should be goal of my entire educational experience.  I am very excited for the rest of the semester and I believe that the syllaship that we have decided on will be interesting and definitely produce stimulating class discussions.  


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