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Bonnie MacAllister: Multimedia Fiber Art & Film

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I started by reading the editorial "Culture has a Cost" in the Philadelphia Inquirer, and was intrigued by the idea of the art and culture of Philadelphia.


I noticed several mentions of Independence Mall, both in the article and throughout the paper, so I looked it up. (‎)


The official website of Independence Mall was offline due to the government shutdown, so I tried another one of the buildings mentioned in the article: the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts (


I was not overly interested in what I saw on the Kimmel Center site, so I tried a google search on "culture in philadelphia", which lead to Philadelphia weekly, and upcoming events in the area. (


Of those events, one that looked particularly interesting was Bonnie MacAllister: Multimedia Fiber Art & Film (


I looked around for more information, and found the facebook page for the events. PHILADELPHIA OPEN STUDIO TOURS: Multimedia Art by Bonnie MacAllister (EAST OF BROAD) (

I would like to attend the Open Studio tours at Jed Williams Gallery on Saturday, and explore the art culture and play of Philly a little further. There will be Open Studio Tours 10/5-6, from 12-6pm, through The Center for Emerging Visual Artists. The tours are free and self guided, and offer such attractions as 3D metal dye prints and fiber, cross-genre works that mix photography, fiber art and performance, performances, films, and there may or may not be instructions or demos of various fiber-based crafts.


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Here's the web site for open tours...there's a lot going on!