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A New Lens

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I feel as if Natalie and I didn't get deep enough into what could potentially be a very meaningful paper. We may have only gone skin deep and were too involved in the length of the paper rather than the quality of the paper. Though we did bring up a good point like Frank demanding Natalie to identify herself (and her failure to do so), the lens of identity is too large to fully analyze. While we are trying to talk about Natalie and Felix, I don't feel as if we compared them enough. Instead, we may have talked too much about the identity issues and made the paper into a summary rather than an a strong analysis.

As a result, Natalie and I will next time focus more on the sexual intimacy aspect of the identity issues. This way, we can focus on one small part of the identity issue rather than such a large lens. For example, the reasons why Natalie chooses to post listings and how she thinks the sexual intimacy will help her find herself. In addition, we could also discuss Felix and his intimate attachment to Annie and how this is hindering his chances with Grace.