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Music + Me = True Love

pialikesowls's picture

The simple thought of going through a day without some form of music frightens me. Whether I am walking to meet a friend or on the way to school, music is my companion. It is my workout partner and my study buddy. Unaccompanied by music, boredom comes too quickly in its place. This is why my profile picture is so important to me; it is of myself and my one true love, music. Specifically, Jack Steadman, the lead singer of one of my favorite bands, Bombay Bicycle Club. This was back in January of 2012, and I still consider that night to be one of the most memorable of my life. Without Jack – without music – I would be alone. Many walks would have gone unwalked, many dances gone undanced, many car rides gone unbearable and monotonous. Not only that, movies would be lacking emotion, MTV wouldn't exist, and exercise videos would just be people sweating, someone yelling, and silence.