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A Mosaic With Pomegranate

Phoenix's picture


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Pheonix's mosaic

After seeing the mosaic of Phoenix, I accept the ‘harmony’ power of mosaic. In her mosaic, thirty photos are gathered regularly, and they have a common point: a red, beautiful pomegranate. She brought it with her to the trip because it is convenient to do so. When I first time saw her mosaic, I did not notice the ‘intruder’ because everything seemed very harmonious. It is like the fruit ‘should’ be there originally. She put it in front of the mirror, on the puppet’s head, or on the mosaic step. It became a part of the mosaic. It is interesting, and I think this is the inclusiveness of mosaic. Actually, almost every part of mosaic are collected from various places, and because of the inclusiveness, when they come together, they create the ‘harmony’. Phoenix also put a bottle with the paper which she wrote her name on near the fruit in one of the photo. It is also a part of her mosaic.