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6 steps to tapas

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1. Read the food coupons. Hmm, I wouldn't mind going for some food.

2. Google search for best food in Philly. End up on Yelp.

3. Not all of the top listed are sit-in restaurants. Check in on a couple, change mind, change setting to Ethnic restaurants.

4. The top listed ethnic restaurants aren't foods I particularly like. Discover how to add search terms, and look for Thai.

5. Realize that, although I love Thai, I had Thai a couple weeks ago and I haven't had Spanish since April. Change search to tapas bars.

6. Check out the website of the top listed tapas bar in Philadelphia. It's reasonably priced (for tapas), and right near a Metro stop. Also, it serves Manchego.

Therefore, I propose to go visit Amada and have tapas.

Note for those who have never heard of tapas: Tapas are a form of Spanish food (from Spain, not South/Middle America) that come in very small dishes, like appetizers or sides. You order a couple, usually with a group, and try each other's food. Depending on the size, about two or three tapas equals a meal, but asking the waiter is the best bet. Tapas allows you to try food you don't know if you'll like, because you'll only get a small amount, and there'll be plenty other dishes to eat if you don't like it.