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Just a city girl...

Muni's picture

I am a city girl. I've lived in a city for almost my whole life, and was taking public transportation by the time I was in preschool. Where I'm from, our transport is run by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, known by locals to be called Muni. Most San Franciscans have a love-hate(mostly hate) relationship with Muni rooting from the changeable train schedule and the crowds that often come with riding a common route. One reason people love Muni is that is provides them with something to complain about. I chose this username because Muni is how I accessed all that my city had to offer, for which I'm very grateful. Despite this, I couldn't bear to put an image of one of those trains as my avatar (See the distaste shining through?) so my image is a combination of some other things I love. It's a small piece of a digital painting of mine, and shows my love of art and my love of horses at the same time. I'm looking forward to finding my way on some new public transportation!

Fun fact: The title of this post is similar to a line from a song by Journey, a band from SF.