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Kate the Great

Elizabeth's picture

This image of Katharine Hepburn was the picture that I used as my visualization of the Bryn Mawr campus for my essay on Friday. It’s a photo from Hepburn’s acting days, and one that I thought could easily be associated with Bryn Mawr. Throughout my short time here, I’ve heard Hepburn, who graduated from Bryn Mawr in 1928, referred to numerous times in connection with the college. A quote of hers is on a wall in the Student Center, the Katharine Houghton Hepburn Center is named after her (and her mother), and she is one of the most famous Bryn Mawr graduates. (And the administration is awfully proud of that!). I didn’t think that this picture could possibly encapsulate all that there was to Katharine Hepburn. Even if it did, though, it also wouldn’t be able to accurately describe Bryn Mawr. Although I think that the community of Bryn Mawr makes us so special, I also think that as individuals, we are extraordinary, but only one of us can’t encompass all that there is to Bryn Mawr and its community. I have begun to associate one special tree with Bryn Mawr, though. It’s a weeping birch that we sat next to on our first outdoor class, and I’ll be sitting in it and next to it this semester.