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Past and Present in Old City and Queen Village

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While reading through the Philadelphia Inquirer, I saw a many interesting things that caught my attention. A large portion of this was related to how the recent government shutdown will affect the economy if it lasts much longer than a few days. From that idea, I followed this trail:

1. The article on A1 entitled "U.S. Parks would close, drying up tourist cash flow." This led me to thinking about the national parks in the city of Philadelphia, namely the Independence National Historic Park.

2. I did a google search on Independence National Historic Park and found a walking tour of the park:

3. At the bottom of the page I saw a link to the neighborhoods of Philadelphia:

4. I looked through a few of the neighborhoods, starting with Old City:

5. As I continued to look, Queen Village caught my eye as well:

6. I did a google search for "Queen Village, Philadelphia" to learn more about the area and found some tourist information:

7. The I decided to look into the areas long history and did a google search for "history of Queen Village, Philadelphia" and found:

For my trip into the city this weekend I would like to visit both Old City and Queen Village to learn more about those areas and how the mixture of past and present affects the people that visit and live there.