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U.S. Parks Closing

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I have mixed feelings about the Philadelphia Inquirer. The sports section is very well done and very informative regarding sports. I was a bit dissapointed in their media/entertainment section of the city. I found it brief and not very diverse in what Philadelphia has to offer...I felt wanting to know more and yet there wasn't much being advertised. I was expecting to find what makes Philadelphia unique and articles written about places a philly citizen should be on the look out for or check out, but no. 

The one thing that caught my attention:

1. U.S. Parks would close due to U.S. government shutdown

2. Shutting down national parks is America's best idea

3. State and National Parks and Forests in Pennsylvania|5||180,104|||||||||

4. Places to hike and experience nature, Schuylkill Center for Environmental EducationAwbury Arboretum Association, and etc.

5. Let's get together and enjoy a nice walk on the nature trails and learn about, The Schuylkill Center