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A Mosaic Without Sight

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When I was reading the mosaic for Thursday, I noticed that it was focused almost entirely on sight. I therefore decided that I was going to make a mosaic out of everything but sight: I only wrote down things I heard, smelled, or touched on the train ride into Philly, in Philly, and then out of Philly.


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I really like the idea of

I really like the idea of presenting the mosaic not with pictures, but I don't think this is everything-but-sight because putting words into the shape of trains and buildings is creating pictures, intriguing pictures that tells a great story. The three pieces are structured as each showing what she perceived on the train into philly, in philly and the train out of philly. The difference between the train images and the city one attracts me.

In the train images, I noticed words and phrases like hush, rocking back and forth, a giggle a chuckle a laugh a yawn, does he love me, what do we eat for dinner, etc. These are all from small chats that, mingled together, immediately take audiences into that everyday scene.

The city one is a lot more chaotic and crashing, with words like noise, dubstep, look look at this look at that, too many, one man's trash is another man's art. It creates a sense of stimulating, dynamic, "authentic" city.

I love this piece also because it give my neck a nice exercise.