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People are part of mosaic

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(Last night when I tried to upload the webpage was unavailable.)

People are a part of mosaic.

The background is seeing the magic garden through the gaps in the mosaic wall in front of my eye.

In the center is my reflection in the pieces of mirror on the mosaic wall.

Other three are pictures of people making mosaic more interesting and dynamic.


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As Evelyn wrote in her caption, she used angles in her photographs that captured images of the garden by looking through gaps in objects that were also part of the mosaic, for example, the bicycle wheel which fragments the scene behind it into pieces, acting like a mosaic itself. Most photographs also have a person or a human figure in them, bringing the audience back to the idea that perhaps most situations in which people are interacting or inhabiting the same space, it is like engaging with a human mosaic.

What's interesting in this mosaic is that even though most photos were taken through gaps of pieces in the mosaic garden, there are no gaps between pieces in Evelyn's mosaic. Instead, the photos are slightly transparent at the edges, creating more of a blend, rather than a fragmented or broken composition. So, there is solidity in the entire piece as a whole, whereas the individual components are not solid, but translucent. This perhaps helps evoke the dynamic that is reflected in the social human interaction captured in the photos of people.