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Slowly but Surely

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The Structure

Cordelia structured her mosaic in a very linear fashion. Noticing how perfectly things fit together in Zagar's mosaics, She attempted to produce a similar effect by making use of thin lines of negative space. This use of negative space reminded me of a line in the reading by Terry Tempest Williams, "the interstices or gaps between the tesserae speak there own language". I felt that Cordelia’s use of the negative space developed on Williams’ assertion.

Cordelia used two graphic design concepts in the creation of her mosaic, she used mostly pictures of the garden's borders for the outer border of her mosaic. She also decreased the size of the pictures in the middle (so the pictures in the middle of the mosaic are smaller than those on the outside). Both of these factors draw the audience's attention to the center of the mosaic, making it a very easy object to focus on. 

A theme that Cordelia used in her mosaic was the phrase "slowly but surely". This is both the title of her mosaic, and it also is written on a bright pink background in the middle of the mosaic. This phrase was taken from the gardens. The specific sentence that this phrase was part of was about Zagar and his wife falling in love. I found it to be a very interesting topic, as it could also apply to the making of mosaics themselves. It is a slow process, and requires much detailed work and patience. Not to mention the “lifetime to master” that Williams mentioned.