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Hi everyone!

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One of the most difficult things about coming to Bryn Mawr was leaving behind my five year old Golden Retriever, Phoebe, with whom I share a very strong bond.  I adopted her when she was nearing eight weeks old from North Shore Animal League after what felt like a lifetime of begging my mother to adopt a dog.  Growing up in the city (where our apartment did not allow dogs) my mother actually banned me from visiting pet shops in fear that I would break into a temper tantrum while demanding a dog.  So, five years ago when my mother announced we were moving to our house in Long Island, the first thing that came to mind was that we would finally be able to get a dog.  Before we had even finished unpacking or settling in we had adopted Phoebe.  My high expectations of finally becoming a dog owner did not dissapoint.  Phoebe and I have been nearly inseparable since.