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Personal Reflections

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The essay of Henig totally recalled my memory of family times, when my father always complains how technologies have been ruining my childhood: I have never climbed trees or catched an insect in my childhood----but these were never anything I would love to do. I spent time with my childhood friends playing card games or acting plays, we enjoyed pretending to be someone in the TV series. But there was little time for playing since I was attending preschool classes and take piano, drawing, handwriting, taekwondo at the same time. They don’t want me to be left behind by other kids, and arranged a busy schedule for me.

And the serendipity essay by Sunstein, I have to say the only reason I buy magazines and newspaper is that those wide range of random messages cannot be replaced by online surfing. I want to read something I have no previous experience or knowledge of, and want a little surprise for life. I always read through the whole paper---even the name of the editors on the back, which is like an exploring experience.