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A little bit about Cathy

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This picture was taken when I was skyping with my friend who I haven't seen for half an year.I have lived in my hometown for 15 years and went on a one-year exchange program in US.I was homesick,shy,and lost the first time I stepped on this strange field.I held my words carefully so that my shabby accent doesn't come out often,I stared at those strangers of different races,frustrated and sad.My first time out of the country alone was such a scare to me.However,when I take a look around,it was not as bad as what I've being imagining.I tried to talk to people,started to make friends,and built up a positive attitude with the help of them. And the time I began to contact my old friends,I can finally smile out.I realized that every obstacle was not that hard to overcome as long as you deal with it with courage and smile.And all I wanted to give to them is a big heart,to show that I appreciate everything I met,things that occur around me.They made me who I am,affect my ways,my choices,and will lead to a future I'm looking forward to.