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Plans for tomorrow, and for Monday

Anne Dalke's picture

Tomorrow, I'll be joining you for the discussion in Jody's class (w/ a promise not to "silence" you, while there….).

At 2:15 we'll all head over to English House, where we'll complete the College evaluation forms about my class, then hear (and maybe learn to sing?!) the song that Jacky is composing, using words from us all.

Around 3 we'll split up for further small group work--finalizing Monday's presentation, as well as sharing plans for how you will archive and reflect on this final project. I'd like to check in once more for a few moments with each team (and can stick around till 4, in case any of you want to confer w/ me further), but after we've touched base, it will be fine if you want to re-group, for the remainder of class time, in the media lab or elsewhere to work on your project.

for our presentation on Monday: come @ 12 to help set up!

1-3:30 public presentation in Goodhart Teaching Theater
1:15-1:30 video
1:30-1:35 icebreaker
1:35-1:45 BBB
1:45-2:00 podcast
2:00-2:15 PH couch
2:15-2:25 intermission
(to view art/slide show/get snacks!)
take off nametags for
2:30-3:30 PH workshop

Haley: making/putting up signs to direct folks to Goodhart
Esty: timekeeping
Jomi and Danielle: emcee'ing
Jackie and Sarina: silent icebreaker
Sara and Sharaai: handout w/ links
Irene: tech support
Sharaai, Sophia, Anne: photography
Anne: computer for showing serendip and video tour
Barb: slide show, name tags, markers, candy
Jody: mic, speaker, computer, projector,
1 easel w/ 10 pieces of paper, 4 tables, 70 chairs

what have we forgotten/not yet thought of?