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Reflexions on walking

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I didn't really feel any difference in my walking style while I was trying to walk like Thoreau. I think that Thoreau wants us to be thoughtful and mindful when we walk and to be curious and adventurous about what new things we might encounter, and I already do that a lot of times when I walk by myself and walk places that I am not hurrying to get to. In my essay I mostly just described some of the things that I thought about while I was walking. During part of my walk I went down senior row and I remember feeling really peaceful and wondering about Oak trees (because a lot of the trees in senior row are oaks) and how they used to be sacred to the druids that used to live in Ireland. I also visited some Beech trees and thought about them and about how people have carved their names into them. I thought about what causes people to carve their initials into trees and what this act can tell us about people and nature and the world in general.