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People and Places

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Hi my name is Zoe Holman and I am from Walterboro, SC. like most of you I am starting my first year at Bryn Mawr. During my mini excursion through our five locations I had unexpected reactions to each of the spots on campus. I believe that I was most peaceful in either Dalton Hall or Morris Woods while Park Science and the Campus Center Parking Lot were areas that caused me stress. English House was somewhat in between the two and would have been a comfortable transition from Dalton and Morris to Park and the parking lot. I feel that the main reason I categorized these places as such was because of the amount of people I found in each of the areas. The more people the more stress; less people less stress. The plants however would thrive in Morris Woods because of the lack of people and fear of being trampled on. The isolation appears to be a common thread between myself and plants but the difference between us is our comforts. Where plants are more comfortable being outside 24/7 I am more inclinded to stay indoors.