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Field Notes 2/9/13

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I've attached my field notes in a word document.  It was easier for me to format/add pictures that way.

field notes 2-9-13.docx1.2 MB


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social justice work on campus


Your notes give a solid, fairly detailed overview of your project, the meetings, and the weekend.  I'd like to see you work them up as rich, detailed fieldnotes that really give a vivid sense of some aspects, e.g. key players and one or several interactions (written up as scenarios).  The point here is for you to re-see/experience some of this and then be able to use it as data to get a deeper understanding of what's going on in your field setting.  Likewise, your readers should be able to read your fieldnotes and have some insight into setting, characters, order to help you think more deeply about these.