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Three Waves

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The aim of my project was to give a more modernized perspective of the three waves of feminism and how they would view science. I have tried to incorporate more than physics in my poetry, even though we have focused much more on physics than any other science. Though my poetry is not a direct representation of any of the feminist critics from whom we have read, I tried to put more of my own perspective—or rather, what I got from these critiques.


"First Wave: Lost No More"


Lacerations to the soul,
but the inertia of life rolls on,
No time to consider suffering,
as “carry-ons” splatters on high heels,
Dreams fracture under steel capped boots,
Vision distorted through biased spectacles,
and in the midst of it all,

I stand.


Beautiful silence, as liquid diamonds
fill my eyes.
This lost humanity is about
to be claimed.
Lost no more...


"Second Wave: Our Fight"

Do not forget the whether or not

of which and where and whence you came.

Do not forget the how who when

of the breast of your mother, your origin



We gasp in our own deaf preludes

of crippled warnings and mute explanations.

We gasp as if you were your own miracle,

and were born of your own logical creations.



We are risky souls, you and I in our fight

The transverse wave properties

Interrupting my thoughts

Moving perpendicular to my ideas

The rough shake of our choices

collapses other roads


It is my own magnetism that attracts me to these fragile waves

These waves I die to defend.

We have not forgotten motion

its internal increments incessantly increasing

Some determined stumbling savior

scribbles the same desperate deal with refracted light

We can do what you do…

They always had a rather bitter disposition

and the slightest of tendencies to twist and twirl

the preconceived boundaries of morality into a tangled web of obligations and cruelty.

Perhaps it was for the best.

The harsh raw nature of human confusion,

In its own elegant dance of facts and figures


But if we accelerate forward

We know that our thrust is much larger

Than our resistance


This earth is not flat, you know


"Third Wave: On Science"


Listening to the imperfect melodies beat out by
Hundreds of thousands of falling drops of liquid ice
Preventing my tortured mind from finally falling into
The powerful rejuvenating arms of blissful sleep
And leaving behind an eclectic, haphazard
Trail of tears upon my thin glass windowpane

there is science

Driving down the open freeways of this or any
Other state I watch as the lines of varying colors
As they dance and intertwine among themselves
Never beginning, ending only out in infinity
For asphalt isn’t merely black, but shaded grey,
As all surfaces contain endless strings of color

From the infrared to the ultra violet glory of their wavelengths

there is science

Being unable to stop watching the hypnotic nimble
Swaying of leaves and branches in brisk autumn wind
Endless gyrations, uninterrupted by the casual
Fall of a single leaf from its lofty perch
To the cold and uninviting arms of earth below

As we search for Newton’s fallen apple

there is science

Watching my father watching a movie as sharp light
Falls upon his face and chest, rhythmically sustaining
His life with each swell, as his eyes, hiding a mind
Lost deep in thought, dart quickly back and forth
To take in the entirety of the pinpoints of electrons
As they enliven, destroy, confound, distort, invite

To the biology that controls the upside down the image

We see

And forces our brains to turn it right side up

there is science

In the simple monotonous clicking as I type out these
And countless other words before and to come, a stream
Not just of English letters but of consciousness
Imperfectly transcribed by the imprisoning necessity
Of language, that thought appears and solidifies
In the tapping of my pale fingers upon a black keyboard

there is science

Searching for the human soul within your dark
Piercing eyes as they simultaneously probe my own
Open to the world, unspeaking and unmoving in search
Of the scientists’s Holy Grail: where is that which
Separates Man, where lies the seat of Thought
Invisible behind your black retinal mirrors

A Holy Grail which separates the partials in your eyes

From the waves of our bodies

there is science

Dancing slowly at sixteen meager years of age
To the crooning of a long-forgotten vocalist
With my arms draped around a someone’s shoulders
For the first time, wondering is this Love?
If love is, or can be, found in a high-school cafeteria

Or whether or not some things need to be answered with science

there is science

Falling upward and outward into the golden rays
Of sunlight, and dancing to the unspoken melodies
Tossed earthward from two atoms’ meld into my eyes
All of this activity envelops me as I sit motionless
In a blue and white plastic chair in my backyard
One summer’s afternoon, my mind enraptured by light

As beams of light are altered

While passing through polarizing materials that we call

Magnetic fields

There is science

I have heard Great Minds speak about the meaning
Of science, and what truly makes a science more
Than lab apparati and research grants

And I read about Great Minds who stumble over their
Attempts to bring the ideal of science to light
Unable to solidify their abstract thought into the
Stranglehold of the English, or any other, language

We defy these Great Minds and their half-defined
Ideal of science, for science is everywhere,
To define is to limit

There is science