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Notes from Class

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February 19th, 2013 

ideas from our papers… 

-we all want to respect other ways of being literate, appropriateness of language depending on where you are 

-the dominant discourses changes based on location 

-this assignment places a value on experiences and we can gain ideas from other's experiences--creating a porous classroom (Freire) 

-confronting a teacher around power, she didn't understand that the student was making a choice.

-is there place for negotiation in the classroom?

-should we sacrifice ideas for "correct writing" "academic writing" 

-can slang or conversation writing be accepted in the classroom? 

-writer based to reader based prose as a delicate dance 

-literacy as "static" vs. "dynamic"--literacy as a space to evolve 

-how do we build literacy as a place for negotiation if we are taught not to use certain words in our writing but as we grow older exceptions are allowed …

-does the technical at the beginning of our learning cut off options for later learning because students don't engage 

-if you had more language for challenging the teacher could you break out with a earlier age? 

-explain the "no"---allow students to see other "levels", explain where to go with the skills you are learning, how do you use these skills, young people live in the present how do we explain why a skill is important NOW 

-school space is not always a "clear space"

-literacy as verb not a noun 

-making model is important and helpful 

-gain and lose literacy you can move throughout the spectrum 

-in-school episode formal directions and out of school experience of choice 

how do you use studies to understand experience 

-dominance of the achievement ethos 

-person as a number? 

-relational view of literacy and aspirational view 

-literacy as connected to advancement, setting yourself apart but also using it to fit in 

-is being lost a product of a specific schooling 

-there is no fully successful or "finally literate

-How literacy divides but also brings together 

-mastery depends on situation