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Notes Towards Day 13 (Tues, Oct. 23): Performing Silence

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RELEASED: 5 Short Videos about Women and Prison

I. Silence via Jo

II. coursekeeping
we will have visitors for Thursday's class also: a joint meeting with Christine Sun Kim
and Kristin Lindgren's HC class, Portraits of Disability and Difference

Please watch the 4 short videos and read the essay about sign language poetry;
Christine also just sent us her "partial thesis statement," which I added to our
protected reading file, so please also look @ that along w/ the video of her @ work

5:30-7:30 p.m. Fri, opening @ Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery, HC
including Christine’s performance/ installation

5 p.m. Sun, Oct. 28: Web event #3 (3 pp.)--explore your current understanding of cultural variations in the understanding of silence. You can write a conventional analytical paper (a number of us have talked about my giving you a hand up w/ this form); you can also experiment with the "performative form" that might best convey some of your understanding of that variation (make a storyboard for a film, begin a script for a theater piece, sketch out an interactive performance piece, or...?)

III. Today (along those lines!) we welcome two visitors to class,
Mark Lord and Catharine Slusar,
who will
share their in-process performance-and-production of Samuel Beckett's play Footfalls.

Samuel Beckett: Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness.

Mark Lord: I think I disagree with him, but it does put the matter into relief. I feel as if his words help to shape silence and help me to be able to distinguish a full communal silence from the anguish of a purely solitary silence.