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Reflection on Presentation

tgarber's picture - Our Movie

Sandra and I made a short film in which we conducted 5 interviews with 3 freshman and 2 sophomores at Bryn Mawr. We asked them these questions:

What’s your definition of non-fiction?

What is your idea of fiction?

Do you think that there are lies in non-fiction?

Do you think there is truth in fiction?

How appropriate do you think the labels nonfiction/fiction are?

What is fact/truth/fake/real?

Who can you trust to tell you facts?

Who can you find facts?

I learned that we as a society all have agreed to facts and have a similar conception of them. But, facts, truth, and lies are subjective and the labels non-fiction and fiction are not as binary as we once thought. There are fictional elements in non-fiction and non-fiction in fiction. 




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