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Presentation Reflection

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 For my final presentation in Nonfiction Prose I compiled all the individual posts of each member of the class, assigned each person a color, and arranged the posts chronologically.  The result was 55,644 words and almost 112 pages, 12 point font.  Assigning each person a color allows the viewer to notice the posting habits of each member of the class, and how we behaved as a whole.  For instance, most members of the class posted in clusters, i.e. make a post, respond to another member of the class.  There were several members of the class who posted regularly and their colors dominate.  It is interesting to contrast the members of class who dominated the online forum and class room, they were rarely the same people.  In closing I asked the members of class to sign the postings after they found their colors, I felt that we were each responsible for the collected "art" of the semester.  I have been very critical of editing over the course of the semester and I was interested if the "truth" could be extracted from looking at the collected, unedited posts of the class.  While I still have no idea what the "truth" is, seeing the posting patterns and contents of these posts as a whole gives one a factual account of what the online posting habits of this class were; a step towards the truth in my opinion.


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