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Mid-Semester Evaluation

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I think for the first half of the semester, the readings, at least most, were somewhat drab for my taste. I was surprised we were able to have pretty interesting conversations, considering as how the topic of most of them were drawn from this idea that facts are subjective. I'm not exactly sure from where we can go from here, but I am hoping that the readings for the next half of the semester will be a little less abstract.

On that note, I really enjoyed working with Serendip once more. I love responding to others' remarks or questions regarding my postings, because in responding I feel that much more connected to the readings, my ideas, and how they connect. Furthermore, I also enjoy it when people ask questions that even I am not at all sure about, because then it keeps me true to myself, helps me understand my perspective better, and keeps me from committing to something without really knowing what it is I am committing to.


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