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Final Performance: To Be Seen On Serendip

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So, I'm really unhappy I didn't have this ready in time to show to the class, but I'm going to post a powerpoint of it as soon as possible. Basically it's a collection of pages loosely tied together by string, to symbolize the looseness but also connectedness of the different media we experienced (composite word for "watched," "read," etc.). Also to make it so the paper doesn't break when I try to fold the pages over one another. Each page contains a statement that answers the open question "Reality is..." and contains student commentary on each work, either addressing what reality was when we were reading/watching whatever it was, or contesting the statement, or agreeing with it, or even just making commentary on the work. There is one page for each work we read. I wanted to make it a circle but thankfully my girlfriend realized that I wouldn't be able to fold it properly and so it's simply a progression of our thought processes. It was very interesting to go over our postings for the semester and see how our thoughts progressed. I know mine definitely did, but it was interesting to compare them to everyone else's.


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